Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


This is a good year to pass from old covenant misunderstanding and to walk in the light and life of your new covenant union with God. Our union with God was achieved when Jesus cried, IT IS FINISHED. (separation was finished) But many of us have not gotten into it until recently. Better late than never! Step into it today. We can live in union with God because this union is ours. Jesus has made it so. You are joined on account of the trinity's plan and on account of God's accomplishment for you through His Son.

He has 'made the two one' in every respect.

But we must choose to live in this provision. We must actively leave behind all separation mind-sets that belong to Adam and the separated life he initiated. This means abandoning the religious life in exchange for our 'we and Father are one life.' The latter is our real life and our inheritance in Jesus.

New covenant reality is union with God. Not only are you and Jesus one. You and the trinity are one. We can leave behind the ‘Keeping close to Jesus’ mind-set because he does not leave us, even in our sin. He is with us and in us on account of Father’s provision and His vicarious life for all humanity. Our walk is less about receiving His life and more about agreeing with Him that HE HAS RECEIVED US INTO HIS LIFE - the life of the trinity.


You can remain separated. Many people do - through ignorance or misguided doctrine. They adapt the old covenant to the new covenant age and attempt to utilize Jesus to get them the union with God that is already theirs. Sad. Not only is this futile. It congeals us in impotence and a separation mindset because we have created religion out of our separationist ideas.

Living in a separation mindset we are actually separated from God when we have union with God. Sure. This sounds obtuse and it is. Because ‘oneness’ is our inheritance. Not something we must earn. Spirituality as opposed to religion is ours when we live in our inheritance.

Don’t live separated, because Jesus has
undone Adam and made us real sons of God in spirit and in truth. Religion assumes separation. The flesh’s antidote to separation is institutionalism. But in Jesus you and Father are one. So you need not go to a building with a pointy roof to get a dose of God, or to a barn with a slay-bay at the front. God is where you are. The trinity lives in you.


Living in the old covenant we live in separation. Don’t expect to receive much in the way of wisdom and revelation in ‘separation mindset’ – even with the help of Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit once told a group of believers that they were getting drops of the water of life when rivers were available – because they were stuck in the old covenant realm of separation.

Holy Spirit touched people’s lives in the old testament days. But God lived in none. Today He lives in you. And in all who believe He does.

Separationism is a deception of the anti-christ and thus a form of witchcraft. To all intents and purposes we are separated from God if we think we are. This is an
enchantment of the Enemy and a tare that suffocates spiritual discernment. Here the light we think we have is a fog and the spiritual discernment we possess is nil. Our insights in this mindset are usually misguided and usually religious rather than of the Spirit. In this mode we can take offence when we encounter real discernment because we live from a muffled relationship with God and a dim perception of His truth for the moment. We are quite outside the sharpness and exquisite discrimination afforded by union with God – and not because of Him but because of us.


With Christ as our life we are one with God and with the members of the trinity. We are one with wisdom and truth and privy to seeing as God sees. We are at rest yet poignant with His life. We release life in the comfort of being ourselves as sons of God.