Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


It’s amazing how so many want to be happy but they are not overly interested in life - at least not in learning the truth about it and where it is found. Some people live to survive. Others live to extract the marrow out of life. As a result they pursue the truth – relentlessly.
Jesus is the latter: Life as Himself and life to the full. Yet many live in survival mode when they inherit abundance. They have this life in God that is unlimited, yet they seek Godliness in doing what they think are god things. This is the delusion of the knowledge of good and evil. But there’s no God in that – and no life - because there is no God in religion. God is in Himself and in you.


A discerning lady stunned a bevy of fellow church goers by blurting out that ‘anything that is not Jesus is a waste of time.’ She was one hundred percent correct. Anything that is Jesus exudes spirit and life - the essence of the Kingdom of God and the substance of what Jesus began. On the other hand, the flesh, the attempts to be Godly and spread Godliness through externalities accomplishes nothing for the Kingdom.

Some live entirely in such externalities with the result that they live in the delusion that they are Godly and God pleasers. They are pious and as a result they are often a pain which results in giving God a bad name among lovers of life. This attitude maintains them in the knowledge of good and evil and blinds them to the simple truth that Christ is their life. Such blindness runs counter to God’s truth that declares that if we live from the law then for us,
Christ has died for nothing. These attitudes spread the cancer of religion. You have access to the same spirit and life, the same authority in Father as did Jesus.


The effect of the cross is this: The fall has been undone. You have the relationship with God that the trinity have with each other. You and Father are one because you are in Christ. As a result you do what Father is doing intuitively. On top of this you have the Spirit without limit and this gives you the spirit-life of God and the authority of God. You are the sword bearer of the Most High. The effect of this is that the presence of God in any situation
is you!