Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Bill had been a Christian all his life. But came to the Lord by way of this revelation: ‘Christianity is not a religion. It’s the person of Jesus.’ None who do not grasp this can rise above religiosity while those stuck in performance can never be more than an abstraction of their better selves. This is why ‘law’ is not the core substance of the universe. Life and love personified in the trinity and come in the flesh as Jesus is what makes the world go round. Love personified in Jesus and manifest as you and I, is the foundation of the universe.

He was listening to a group of Believers discussing their faith and why they had decided to abandon beliefs that had held sway over them all their lives. ‘You bang on about the law.’ said one. And bleat ‘Happy Sabbath!’ to each other, said another. ‘I rejoice in a Sabbath-life’ said one of the liberated ones who had seen that a life of peace and rest was a Sabbath in Jesus. If you want to say something non-irritating to me say ‘Happy life! Because this is what I have in Jesus.’

‘In any case’ sighed another, Sons of God in order to be sons, need more than a Sabbath ideology with Jesus tacked on. An ideology is a kind of a faith but it is not a life - which is what we get with Jesus as our life. He is our all things living; our vicarious humanity in every possible way.


This brings us to the centrality of Jesus and the fact that the Kingdom is not a religion. It is the trinity manifest in us. It is the incarnation seen and relished as our living. It is life in the Spirit rooted in our new covenant union with God. Thus Stephen Crosby asserts: “
Before we look at the uniqueness of the New Covenant the thing, we need to a look at the uniqueness of Jesus Christ the person. If we do not start with Jesus, we cannot hope to understand the Scriptures or anything contained in them, including the New Covenant.”

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