Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


The Spirit of God in you is everything. The Spirit of God as you is His Kingdom in the world. The life of this Kingdom is for all – not just for the deserving or the entitled. You receive it because you have chosen Jesus as your life. Or more to the point because He has chosen you to be a manifestation of His person – a son/daughter of God.


You are not a participant in the divine nature because you keep the law or stick to a moral agenda. You are a spiritual being because you were created as such and because you have been redeemed into this identity. Today your being is interwoven with God.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14,20

The vibrancy and life of Christ’s Kingdom is fresh and dynamic, revealing life unto life. Not so the kingdoms of men. The kingdoms of the un-believing world minister un-life. It is a fact the large corporations and small, together with private business benefit many. The IT industry has made some lives more creative. The internet and blogs have made it possible to subvert confusion with life-giving principles and radical truths. Or spread confusion and death.


The NRA (National Rifle Association) asserts that it’s not guns that kill people. It’s people who kill people. Partly true. A butter knife, a length of cord and a gun can all be instruments of death in the hands of a killer. But a person can be an instrument of life. If Christ is our life we will be alive; alive in body, soul and spirit. As such we will impart life to everything that we touch. Unlike those who roam about looking for a new spiritual ‘key’ or some religious observance to bring them life, you will be alive because Christ is in you and He is your life. Did you know that you can be Spirit-filled and a dead man walking. If you are living in old covenant separation from God, you can. Why do this when John 14.20 cited above is our possession?

Genuine apostles represent the new and living way.
They are messengers of new creation life. Jesus does not encourage us to heal people and raise the dead as an adjunct to the world we already have. He heals the sick and raises the dead because He intends to raise a dead world. How? By uniting all with Himself. When? He has already done it. When Jesus shouted ‘IT IS FINISHED!’ our separated life in Adam was over and our life in union with God had begun.

The dysfunctional and perverse world in which we live was put to death in Adam. Don’t retard the new creation by restricting it to some healings in the mall when His plan is an entire new creation!

Jesus has become a door to take us back to God, to make a life in God. A Christianized version of the knowledge of good and evil is not the Kingdom of God. Jesus did not side with the rich or powerful. Institutionalized religion eventually killed Him, just as it can kill spiritual life today.

Despite Christ’s resurrection, most of the world still lives in a cupboard with itself, thrashing about in the knowledge of good and evil. Is this because much of Christianity lives the same way? As Believers we need to decide if Christ is our life or if we are our life.