Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


The word apostle does not necessarily apply to a person with a large church. It applies to an agent of the new creation. By means of Jesus, the new and living way we are joined to our Father, deep rooted in Him so that we are a branch of the vine and a fruit of the tree of life. One with the Father we are in union with the Father of all that is. Thus we are sons and so we are apostolic- we represent the gospel of the Kingdom.

'Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!' 2 Cor 5.17 NIV.


A new wineskin is not a new iteration of church. Neither is it generic salvation. It is the new covenant in spirit and in truth.

When Jesus spoke of the new wineskin, He was talking of the Kingdom of Heaven; of the new creation which is the new covenant realised. It is Christ come in you or as the Bible says, Christ come in the flesh by the Holy Spirit. God's Son came in the flesh as the Son of Man. Now by the Spirit He lives in you and manifests as you because you have eaten Him as the bread of life. Because He is your life you release His life into the things He gives you to do. You are stewards of this new creation.

'Write this letter to the angel of the church in Laodicea. This is the message from the one who is the Amen--the faithful and true witness,
the beginning of God's new creation' Rev 3.14 NIV.


Jesus constantly revealed our Father, presented Himself as life itself and forgave sins. Random acts of religion do not reflect or convey the life of God. Neither do miracles on their own. As such they may be a gospel but not the Gospel of the Kingdom. Signs and. Miracles are a function of sonship. They point the way to our Fatherhood in God and sonship in the power of the Spirit.

Jesus explained this about a bunch of miracle workers. 'I do not know you' He said. 'Away from me you workers of iniquity.' Jesus was not talking about immorality or pride. He meant the multiplication of a gospel of talk without life or authority. He meant the promulgation of spiritual death as though it was life. But you are not a tare. You are a son of God.


As a new creation person there is a direct line from you, through the Holy Spirit and Jesus to the Father. You and the Father are one. As a son you do what the Father is doing because Christ, His Son is your life.
This is the apostolic. Old covenant life is never apostolic because you are not one with God. New covenant life is your union with God. It is the new creation in you and in the church. The new creation is all forms of death being swallowed up in life.

'Death has been swallowed up in victory' 1 Cor 15.54


It is incumbent on us as apostolic people to multiply life in all its forms. We have become the resurrection and the life. We are never political, always apostolic. We don't speak 'yes and no' or a combination of life and death. Apostles don't do mixture. They do rivers of the pure water of life. They are violent in their representation of life and radical in their discerning between life and mere religion. They don't compromise with tradition or identities that are not grounded in the the Son and our Father. They have one husband and one Father.

Don’t promote your veils as a legitimate perspective on God. Grace is for truth. Any non-truth passed off as truth cause lesions and gangrene in the spirit man of the Believer.


In Christ all veils are removed. We perceive in the sharpness and accuracy of the sword of the Spirit. In law, old covenant and old creation are eyes are veiled and our minds dulled. We are unable to see the Kingdom. We think the Spirit is present when He is absent and we have difficulty recognizing when He is speaking. Unregenerate Saul of Tarsus was a teacher of religion. Not until he was reborn as a new creation did He become an apostle of Christ.

'Jesus replied, "Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again' John 3.3 NIV.

Apostles and apostolic people release the life of God because they live in Christ. The new covenant is aptly expressed in the words, 'Christ our life.' Apostolic people live this life without addition or subtraction. For them Christ is all and in all and in them by His Spirit of Sonship to do the works that Jesus did.


The carnal Christian is carnal because He or she lives from the knowledge of good and evil. Christ is theoretically their life. Their real life is found in their labeling of various actions as good or evil. Some of these designations are accurate and many are misguided. Worse, there is no life in them because 'this life, the life that is eternal and infinite' is not in such things.
This life is in His Son.' Apostles and apostolic people are sprinklers who irrigate their sphere of authority with 'Son Life.'

'And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son' 1 John 5.11 NIV.

A lived spirit and life is largely invisible from the outside. It is the state of being that Jesus had in which we are not only one with Jesus but we and our Father are one. This has not be earned. It is a gift received. Reborn people live in this gift.


Apostolic people live a silent yet visible, no-holds-barred life in Christ Himself. They live by the Spirit, not in the law and not in any performance orientation. They are sustained and nurtured in their Father's Heart because this is their place of abode. They are one with the Father, part of the Father and they complete Him in the world. None of this has been earned. They are not here because they are sinless. They are here because they are covered by Jesus' blood and have taken up residence in Father's presence totally on account of His Son. Because life is in His Son, the life of sons is in their Father. Here there become who they are. They grow in their uniqueness and represent their Father by being his daughters and sons in their shops, cafe's, super markets, laboratories and shearing sheds.

We can live old covenant if we choose. But it will always be living the package instead of the contents.

Sonship is a state of being. In Jesus we have a higher state of being than we do in Adam and Moses. Since Christ is our life we are life-giving spirits because He is. We live in a state of apostleship because we are sons of our Father. Our new covenant life is much more than the designation, 'new.' It's more than spiritual gifts and being 'Spirit-filled.' We are the church of the first-born and a new creation. Our sonship is a quality of life - the life of heaven in us, our marriages and families. But this is not all. It has a dramatic quality as well. It is seen in signs and wonders, emotional healing and astonishing miracles where people are not only healed but organs are replaced. Expect to see this in the coming outpouring. Expect too that you will minister this life. This apostolic life. It is the multiplication of the life of God's Son in you.