Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


A knowledge of the nature of the trinity with it is oneness in uniqueness reveals the model for marriage and the family. It is also the model for the human race. Adam and Eve participated in this inter-wovenness of being before the fall. This inter-relationship was the mode in which we would share in the divine nature. It was a Sabbath. This was the plan and it is this plan that has been realised through the cross, the incarnation and life in the Spirit. You are now one with God. There's no need to retrieve any debris from the old covenant in order to make anything complete. You are entirely compete in Jesus.

In this age you are the wife (bride) of Christ.

Jesus said, “On that day you will realise that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you” John 14.20. We may realise it, or we may not. If we do we will represent the Kingdom of God. For many Believers
this is the day we need to recognise the essence of the Kingdom so that we cease living in the shadows of religion and enter the union with God that causes heaven to manifest through us all.

What is the essence? It is that His life is our life. It is that all things Kingdom spring from our rootedness in the trinity which is the life-hub of the universe. This life is in us because Jesus is in us. This is the soil from which the Kingdom grows and the earth from which the anointing finds its legitimacy or otherwise.


It’s safe to say that many Christians believe that being Christian is the intention to be a good person - to be like Jesus. In some ways it is. But with respect to Jesus and these Christians, this is not the Kingdom Jesus began. If it was it would be a continuation of the Adamic mode of knowledge of good and evil with its reign of
separation and death from the death tree and the Mosaic law that condemns with its mode of trying hard and frustration. But all that follows the cross is an abrupt departure from both. It is Christ as us. It is the trinity indwelling us. It is the fullness of God come in our flesh to be manifest in our being. There’s a name for this: The sons of God. Dr Stephen Crosby observes that The New Covenant is a negation of what has preceded it, not a mild renewal.'

The new testament age is not an adjustment to the old testament age. The cross, rough beams that it was, exterminated all that came from Adam's mistaken search for identity in the tree of deceit. Today all of us have a real identity as sons/daughters in the person of Jesus who represents us and in a manner of speaking is the entire human race. Hidden in Jesus we are truly sons of God. Touting a gospel of our own we are disinherited workers who could have been sons.

'But what does Scripture say? "Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman's son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman's son' Gal 4.30 NIV.


‘Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is the new creation’ Gal 6.15 NIV. Paul is telling us that rites and religious motions have no power to transform and are not relevant in the new testament age. We have something far better. By the spirit of Jesus in us we are re-created in His image. His Spirit manifests as our flesh. By His Spirit we become the manifestation of Jesus. IN us is the power to resurrect the earth.

Rites do not empower us. Even that of the Lord's Table. The bread and wine remind us that His body is our life. The sign is the rite. The reality is Christ our life. Similarly Easter may draw our attention to our rebirth in Jesus. But the everyday reality is that we have a continuous Easter Life because the Resurrection lives in us in person.

There’s a universe of difference between manifesting the spirit of Christ and attempting to live towards criteria. One is Christ our life. The other is legalism. In the first instance, you are the effect of Christ, the creation of His Spirit. In the second instance you are in a new testament version of the law - which Jesus did away with so that He Himself could be your life and so that He could re-create you. There are people so steeped in legalism that they take the fruits of the Spirit and make them laws - when the context and meaning is clearly that these qualities are the effects of Christ as you.


The Christian life may be said to be the exhibitions of certain qualities. This, however is not the Kingdom of Sons. The Kingdom of sons is Jesus manifest as Bob, Dawn and Sarah. Just as Jesus was the manifestation of our Father, so you may be the manifestation of Jesus. This is the plan and the effect can be you!

Owen Boyce wrote,
“Bible knowledge must have an outcome, an incarnate output, before it is really “truth” in the way Jesus was the Truth. Accurate doctrine must translate into accurate life. The new economy of the New Covenant contains the ultimate truth of the ages that’s founded upon the Son.” (1) This is why any system of theology couched in the law or dragging along the old covenant and old testament icons into the present age can never be the truth or render any of us our true selves.



The attempt to bolt Holy Spirit like a supercharger onto the law and old covenant engine does not work. Its like trying to join the anointing to a cess pit. The anointing and gifts are a function of our incarnational union with God. If we are living in a separatist mindset, which we are if tied to the law, the anointing has no root and simply fades away. We are left circling the mulberry bush of our 'other gospel' grasping at features of the anointing in the attempt to get something to work.