Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


All your Christmases have come at once. Today you not only receive the gift of life. You receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation. Christmas is not the reception of Christian rules. It is the receiving of a new you – a son/daughter of God. The cross and resurrection divide history. They end the life of Adam and begin Christ your life.
Insight comes from humility and a predisposition to listen. Some people strive to see the big picture. Others desire to be one with the cosmos. Some search for meaning. Many seek to be one with God. The fact is that in Christ, we are one with God and one with His creation. We are privy to His revelation. We belong in His presence and family. We have been drawn into eternity.
We no longer live in the knowledge of good and evil. We live in God. We are one with God. More privileged than most realise we are companions of the Living Word. The Bible is not our main guide in life. Jesus is. We are not led by words and paper. His Spirit is always with us an in us. He is the Interpreter of the Bible and draws our attention to that which He wants us to know.
In Him we live, move and have our being. When Christ is our personal Christ and when He is our life. We do ourselves a grave disservice living from religion. Different to all other Belief Systems our relationship to God is not a religion. Christ our life means not only union with the Living Word. It is oneness with God as a son. You can live in this, or you can live in shadows. The reality is Christ Himself. Christ as your life, Christ being your life with His Spirit manifesting as you.
In Christ we are one with God. This is our joy and the foundation of all that has followed the cross. This means we have been drawn out of shadows and appearances into reality. Here we participate in the mind of Christ, the revelation of Holy Spirit and the heart of our Father. Delete from your faith any teaching that suggests you are separated from God. Abandon all doctrine that proposes that your life work is to seek and achieve union with God. You already have it.
In Christ we will not immediately know everything. But we will never walk in darkness, ignorance or confusion. Religious people are frequently confused. Law-bound people walk in a fog of poor discernment. Non-Spirit filled people are missing a level of authority and divine leading that belongs to them but is not being utilised.
With Christ as our life, we will be walking in the light and resting in life. We will advance in Godly insight. Life and living is ultimately the trinity. It is us in the trinity and the trinity in us.
To live in God is to be joined to the ultimate meaning and purpose of the universe in the moment and the season. This is life in the Spirit and life as sons and daughters of God. It is Gods life and revelation come in your flesh. In this union with Father, you as a son are flourishing in a stream of living water; the river of life. It is in you and with you and you have become the interface between God and the people and situations of your world that require healing and resurrection. How do you participate in this? By believing and agreeing with Gods achievement for you. You can raise religious objections and bury your inheritance in the ground or you can receive the incarnation as your capital and multiply it exponentially.
Anything done in the spirit of Sonship will multiply itself eternally. Anything done under the old covenant and the flesh will fade and wither. Some of us experience a ministry of repeated fade-outs. The cause is old covenant separation and old creation torpor.
The tree of life, which is the Kingdom Tree, will not grow from a law culture. Separated from God it cannot be sustained and inevitably becomes dormant. As conscientious as they are its operatives are unable to multiply spirit and life and can even be surrounded by an atmosphere of blindness and death.
In Jesus is life and that life is the light of men and women. Law-living constricts the life that is Christ, suffocates our spirit and blinds our spiritual sensibilities to truth and revelation. Law-living denies us Christ in His fullness, separates us from the trinity and negates the spirit of Sonship. As hard as one tries when tied to law and old covenant, all that is released through such ministry is well-presented flesh and death. The tragedy is we will not know we are cadaverous because we have eyes that do not see.
In Christ we can know things as Jesus knew them. We know them because we are one with our Father. In our spirit we are seeing what He is seeing. This knowing is divine insight and is distinct from spiritual gifts. Although it is the soil from which these gifts grow. Spiritual gifts not rooted in the new covenant are fitful and unreliable.
With spiritual discernment you can know things even if they have not been prophetically revealed as a result of words and dreams. One with Father and in the spirit of Sonship your faculties are not compartmentalised and neither are revelatory gifts. They are part of you and part of the community of fellowship in Jesus. Christ is incarnated in us and the gifts are an effect of our oneness with Father.
In the law we live in perpetual stagnation. We may experience some fits and starts but revert always to negative spirit and life. But you can know things in your spirit and find truth lodged in your soul because you and Father are one. Does Holy Spirit enhance this? Yes. He is able to do so because of the incarnation which is the key feature of new covenant ministry competence. We are competent to minster spirit and life in the new covenant. Never in the old.
Christ, and the Father and Holy Spirit are our life and have made their home in us. Live from what they have done. Don’t cheat yourself and others with a recalcitrant and erroneous doctrinal position. In union with God we are constant recipients of revelation and truth. Since the trinity are the life of the moment and of the cosmos they will align us with all that is wholesome and have us shunning all that is folly and vain glory.
We will not do things for religious reasons when one with Father. Set free from humbug we will do only what is meaningful and purposeful in terms of spirit and life and the eternal purpose of Father. This purpose is to bring many sons to glory. You will always know what is alive and what is dead and out of you will flow rivers of life.
‘Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life’ John 5.24 NIV.