Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


C. S Lewis wrote, ‘The life of the three-personed God is to be played out in us.’
In God we are totally baptized into the totality of beauty, glory and delight. We are immersed in life that spreads to every corner of our being. In God, by which I mean the person of Jesus Christ, we can endure - because God in Christ entered into the heart of degradation allowing Himself to be crucified by all that was the worst in man. Yet He rose from the grave and re-established life - a new creation life of even greater glory.


Some never discover this life because they never discover the genuine Jesus. They have a lesser jesus who is subordinate to the law or negated by another gospel or a competing religious identity. This is the position in some of the sects and their adherents. God is not found in patterns, rites or ceremonies. But when in us He gives life to who we are and what we do. We no longer engage in mere motions or fill appointments with bits of religion and pieces of good and evil. We stream spirit and life!


One who will let nothing diminish life and who will not compromise with any smidgeon of death is a colleague of Jesus. These are the pure in heart who pursue life to the full and repel convenient and political accommodations to death. This is why the pure in heart see God, draw people into God and distinguish the things of God from the motions of the flesh.

The predicament of those who live in shadows rather than the real is that they do not pierce the veil. They dither between the inert and the vibrant. But life and light are known and lived when Christ Himself is our life; when our spirit is alive and sharp we penetrate even to the dividing of soul and spirit, death and life, life and half life, fullness and sterility. The man alive in the Spirit of Life knows what is alive and what is dead. The religious man is a dormant man who is neither hot nor cold.


J Baxter Kruger writes, “It all boils down to three things: First, there is the Trinity and the great dance of life and glory shared by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Second, there is the incarnation as the act of the Father, Son and Spirit
reaching down, extending the circle, their great dance of life, to us:
third, there is our humanity, which is the theatre in which the great
dance is played out through the Spirit. This is what motherhood and
fatherhood are all about. That is what fishing and baseball and playing
are all about. And laughter and romance, cookouts and work. They are
the very ways the beauty of Father, Son and Spirit, the great dance of
the Triune God, the glory, the fellowship, the life are played out in in

God has not only drawn you into Himself. He has made you a manifestation of the trinity.

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