Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


We humans are meant to live from something greater than ourselves. By living from a Jesus culture we will live from the Father. But by living from anything else – like the fear of poverty or existential annihilation – we will always be less than we are. We will be less human, less than our genuine selves and less than a real person. We will be considerably reduced in our being.

The real issues of life are not about knowing. THEY ARE ABOUT BEING. For the Believer the issue is less about being right and more about simply being – about being a son.


The Father simply is. And we are – sons of God – when we live, move and have our being in God. This is why Jesus said, ‘Those who eat me will live because of me.’ Those who eat life will live because of life; because the person who is life, the ground of all being, wells up in them and becomes them. This is the living Christ incarnate in us and more.
Jesus as us is the Father manifesting in His daughters and sons.

Jesus did not come and does not live in us so that we can do good and avoid evil. He is in us to impart His life. An honorable life is the effect His life as ours. It’s not the main event.

We can live from a survival mode, which is to live from a perspective of scarcity or we can live from favour. The latter is to live in God by the Spirit of His Son. Here we live in the Spirit of Sonship and we are not orphans. We are not forced to make it on our own or run the race of the survival of the fittest. This notion existed before Darwin absorbed it into the theory of evolution. It is a key tenet of life as lived in the knowledge of good and evil; the belief that the fit survive on their wits, cunning, worldly wisdom and being smarter than the other guy. The Christian version of it is that God blesses those who bless themselves.

By living in Jesus we live in the Father. We have been liberated from the curse to live in the favour of God. We cannot live in the Spirit if we define our lives as right morals and right belief. We are in the Spirit – the Spirit of Sonship when Jesus is our life. The fruits of the Spirit are the result of His life as ours. They are not things we do to gain acceptance with God. Not a more clever form of the law as law indoctrinated people insist.


If we live from a survival mentality we will never get to be ourselves. We may earn a name for being sagacious and urbanely successful but we will never grow into the person we were created or redeemed to be. We will always be something less, serving a lesser god; the one dimensional man on the treadmill of survival, hoping to survive in the manner to which we hope to be accustomed but never do.

Survival addicts find it difficult to live for the moment, to enjoy things for themselves or to allow themselves pleasure. In many cases they will put their work before themselves and their family. They will tell themselves that they are doing this for their family. In reality they are doing it out of fear. Why? They must have an eye to the future and cover the bases. The live to avoid the catastrophe of annihilation. Those for whom Jesus is life live in the favour of God. They live in the expecations that with Jesus there is always enough. They love being themselves. They rejoice in their living and doors open for them. They are living in the Spirit of life rather than the spirit of fear.


This post is not meant to encourage the thriftless or the hedonist. It is not a crack at sound management or prudent investment. It is about where your life is. About who has your heart and your well-being. These words are meant to encourage the wise in terms of the book of Proverbs. The wise are wise because they live in God. They relate not to a generic god but are intimate with Jesus. They have a Jesus life, which means they have life to the full – even when they are not materially wealthy. So, do you have a Jesus life or a Jesus ideology?

My wife, daughter and I know what it is to have enough. Since I retired from my job thirteen years ago we have been on one salary rather than two. We are not rich but neither are we poor. We don’t eat out much but we eat well. We travel to bless others more than to indulge ourselves. Our life is not about us. Yet hidden in Jesus we are becoming ourselves to the full. With Christ as our life we live in daily resurrection because we live in He who is the resurrection and the life. As Heidi Baker says, ‘With Jesus there is always enough.’ We do not know everything. We make mistakes. Yet we grow. Each day is a new opportunity to be drawn into the infinite life that is Jesus and in Him fellowship with the trinity.