Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


A Believer thought he was doing the Lord’s work by standing outside a brothel with a placard warning the clientele that they were going to hell. Irrespective of the morality of same, Jesus did not present a gospel of morality or hell-mongering. He presented Himself as the life of the world.

Recently, I followed a link on Facebook in which someone attempted to link the non-wearing of bikini’s in summer with Godliness. To my mind his argument was similar to one I had heard in my youth where it was expounded that pop music was of the devil. Bodies are not unholy and pop music is not innately evil. (Bodies have glory for a reason. God made them. Any false gospel is innately life-denying, yet always claiming to be the medium of greater life).

‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ John 10.10 NIV.

One of the sub-headings on the site was ‘killing sin,’ and the theme was that pastors had a big task to do in teaching Godly deportment and morality. This may be the motivation of the Christian Industry and its fixation on a Christianised version of the knowledge of good and evil but it is not the gospel of the Kingdom. Don’t be pushing sin consciousness when God’s focus is life-consciousness and His life in you.

‘Christ’s gospel is Christ our life. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.4 NIV. The glory of each person is redeemed and revealed because the person of Jesus lives in them and is with them.


It is not that modesty and purity are irrelevant to Kingdom living - they are not the starting point or the obsession. Sin consciousness will not deliver life. Life imparts life. Any gospel whose focus is ‘standards, ’ saying ‘no’ to certain things or ‘killing sin’ is not a gospel of life or the Kingdom of God. This mindset always results in killing life. The Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil is just as toxic as the humanistic version. Both maintain separation from God.

Life is found in Jesus and is Jesus. In Him we are in God and He in us. The life of God drives out sin and death. Religious wrestling with the law of sin and death expands its reign. Union with God drives out sin and death with life. Having said this, we are not God’s project. We are His sons. His primary objective is to bring us into His love. Once there we become who we really are. Yet our belonging in Him does not depend on our performance. We are in God because of Jesus’ performance. He is our mirror and he makes us like what we are seeing in Him.

Belonging is the gift of God. ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20.

Eternal life is to know Jesus as a person and as our God.


One could spend one’s entire life in a church being loyal to its beliefs and attached to its icons without knowing Jesus or being healed by His life. As a result we remain unhealed in ourselves, unwell in our souls and fundamentally untransformed - because church and not Christ has been our life.

We have been living in the shadow rather than the reality. But the reality is Christ. The solution to the condition of being dead when we could be alive or of being a wounded corpse when we could be a life-giving spirit - is not trying harder, Bible study or a re-invigorated routine of meeting going. It is simply agreeing with Father and Holy Spirit that Christ Himself is our life. The church Jesus builds consists of those who have assented to this.


The good soil is our gifted union with God. It is at-one-ment. It’s the life-giving power of God incarnated in Believers in the new testament age. This is new covenant truth and the guarantor of competent Kingdom ministry.


Barren soil, rock strewn gardens and weed infested seed beds are not a parable about unforsaken sins. This is a clever diversion that shifts the meaning of the parable from Christ becoming you to try-harder religion.

Seen in context with the story of the tares, this is a is parable about an unreceived gospel - the rocks. And a distorted gospel - the weeds. The problem is lack of rootedness in God because of a reversion to a pre-cross gospel.

In this story Jesus is the seed and the deep soil. And so are we. When we live where God has inserted us: In the deep soil of the trinity we share in His life. We are rooted in God. Let’s be clear. If we are still living from the law and performance we not are rooted in God. We are rooted in separation. We are in Adam when we are invited to be in Jesus. The result: Christ has not come in our flesh. Our flesh has come in our flesh and we remain in the deception of the original sin.

The incarnation is Christ come in our flesh in spirit and in truth - the difference between all witchcrafts, other gospels and fleshly religion. This is the seed that together with the soil produces a rich harvest of the sons of God - and never tares.

We are extravagantly graced in the new covenant age. Christ is our life in every way. This reality has been called the doctrine of the vicarious humanity of Jesus. Jesus is totally effective in all things pertaining to our relationship with God. He is more than enough in everything pertaining to ourselves and each other and in everything concerning our redemption and the indwelling of our being by the Spirit. Jesus is entirely and unconditionally for us and in place of us. The ‘at-one-ment of God’ is complete and absolute in Jesus.