Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Jesus Christ is life in every way. He is life to the full. I drew a picture of a teen- ager relaxing in a hammock some years back and put it in my teaching notes. In a speech balloon I had him say, 'I thank you God that I can relax and enjoy your presence with me at this great beach on my excellent Gold Coast holiday!' One of the joys of my life is that I live in the revelation of fellowship with Jesus when on my wave board or when skiing a slope. It’s called God with us. Otherwise known as the incarnation.


A very religious parent of one of the students I taught was quite offended at what I had taught about waves, fun and Jesus. ‘This was not the way to relate to the Father!’ he asserted. Clearly not somber enough for him. He did not understand that in being anti-life he had positioned himself as anti - the one who hung on the cross. When we adopt such attitudes as Christians we are crucifying
the son of God anew. And doing the bidding of the anti-Christ spirit.

‘We are only partially the body of Christ if we have our ‘own gospel.’ We are not of the Body at all if we are a Christian cult.’


Do you know there's an old covenant view of God and a new covenant reality? Do you know there's an old you and a new you. Do you understand the two possible scenarios of your life: A dead you that is religiously called ‘alive’ and a spirit and life you that is the expression of Father, Son and Holy Spirit as you?

Don't go to the trouble of re-inventing yourself. You are already His new creation.

'I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me' Gal 2.20 NIV.


What happened to you at the crucifixion of Jesus? You were put to death in Him. Your Adam life in the death tree was killed. The person you were in Adam died when Jesus died. This was not only so for you but for every person who has ever lived. The whole world died in Christ and rose again with Him. But there’s more. When Jesus rose from the dead, you and all humanity rose as well. To being life in Christ’s Body of Life!

Our privilege is to multiply life wherever there is death; to show that life is life and not the opposite of death; to live the Jesus life as our life because this life is life itself; to undo all forms of un-life and rip off the masks of all forms of death posing as life.


In the old testament the presence of God was in the prophets, the temple and the ark of the covenant. There was as yet no incarnation. There had been no Son of Man. But the Spirit of God was with people like Moses and David.

At the point of Jesus' death the living presence of God was released from the Holy of Holies to surround people and dwell in them.

At Pentecost the Spirit of God's Son rained down from heaven so that Jesus would now inhabit all who desired Him. Now due to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, Christ would live in you and in His people. Christ would be the life of the people which meant that He would be the life of the church. Jesus would also be the life of the surfer and the foot baller, the fisherman and the lab-assistant.

Was Jesus talking about His new covenant church here? Of course.

'We heard him say, 'I will destroy this temple made with human hands and in three days will build another, not made with hands' Mark 14.58 The temple of God today is you and George and Siegfried and Mabel. The temple of God is those who believe His gospel and agree that Jesus has made us one with God.


Just as the fullness of the God-head lived in the person of Jesus as He walked dusty roads and rested in people's houses so the presence of Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit lives in you as you lie down, get up in the morning, go to work, drive your car, play tennis or surf a wave.

Living in this Presence is being aware that He is in you; it is being intentional in affirming that He is your life; it is rejoicing that you are indeed a mobile temple and a human ark and that you carry His presence where ever you go.

Christ in you is the glory of your day, your week and your life. You are no ordinary person. Yet in your ordinariness you are a representative of the Most High God, called to multiply his light, hope and life. In your ordinariness you are glorious because you are the manifestation of God!