Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Jesus was the Light that came into the world. Since Jesus was life itself everything He did was significant, which is to say that it was a sign – a sign that God was with us and a sign that man would once again reign over nature, himself, spiritual powers and the earth in Christ. Thus Christ in man would be the hope and the reality of glory.


The authority and power of Jesus as the Son of God depends not on questions like ‘Are the new testament documents reliable,’ or what do we know of the historical Jesus? Sure these are relevant but seldom cogent in persuading non-believers. No. What counts is Christ living in us and Christ multiplying Himself in us, as life, as the church. The Kingdom of Heaven and it’s authority is very simple. It is simply the presence of
Jesus writ large as His people.

Jesus creates all life. All life originates with Him. All that is broken and decayed can be resurrected through Him because He is life itself. John writes,

‘In the beginning the Word already existed.
The Word was with God, and the Word was God.
He existed in the beginning with God. God created everything through him,
and nothing was created except through him.
The Word gave life to everything that was created
and his life brought light to everyone’ John 1.1-4 NLT.


A new genesis began when Jesus entered the world. The question is, are you part of it?

There is no life in days, times, places, special clothing, customs, modes of speech or items of food. Neither is their life in chasing God, seeking more of God or working up a hunger for God. Such thing are all you. Jesus is life and He is your life and He lives in you. All life flows from Jesus. Live in the new covenant and not the old and you will cut short a lot of religious guff and protect yourself against subtle heresies. Your life is in Christ and He lives in you. There is only one way the life of God can come into you: Through Jesus the Mediator and courtesy of His Advocate, the Holy Spirit.

‘And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, who will never leave you’ John 14.16 NLT.

The misguided Believer seeks life and acceptance in things. A Believer for whom she and our Father are one brings life to things – to everything she touches. This is the difference between covenants old and new.


Nothing that is spiritually alive can be created other than through Jesus. No matter how venerated, lauded or esteemed as the latest great charismatic thing, if it is not Jesus don’t waste your time with it. This might seem obvious to a child but it is not to those accustomed to a diet of religion. But through the Spirit Jesus comes in person to dwell in the flesh or the bodies of those who take Him seriously.


‘The law was given through Moses, but God’s unfailing love and faithfulness came through Jesus Christ’ John 1.16,17 NIV.

God’s unfailing love is manifest in Jesus. The faithfulness of the Father and the Son are seen in Jesus. Jesus is the way to the Father. In Jesus we always belong. We are always welcome in the Father’s presence because we are the delight of His life. Then too it is Jesus who knows the Father. He has known Him from eternity. They are bound to each other in love. Jesus knows Father’s heart. Mentored by Jesus we grow in the knowledge of the Father to reign with Him as the sons and priests of God. Jesus relationship with Father and the Spirit is our relationship.

‘No one has ever seen God. But the unique One, who is himself God, is near to the Father's heart. He has revealed God to us’ John 1.18 NLT.