Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


There is a way that is alive and alight with spirit and life. You have a life in Jesus that is complete and full. In Jesus you are one with God in every way. You are in fellowship with the trinity, the angels of heaven and all the saints who have gone before us. You are one with the creation because Jesus is the logos and the One in whom all things hang together.

The order of the universe is not words on stone or letters in books. The Order is the person of Jesus who is the law of the spirit of life. Life, love and righteousness are found in relationship with God. This state of being is God as Father and you as a son – in spirit and in truth. In Jesus we are woven into God and God is woven into our being. Thus the word of God lived out of Jesus
is you. This is Christ come in our flesh - the fact of the incarnation and the soil of the anointing of the Spirit without limit.


You are one with God – which means that you are one with yourself, and one with all who believe.

You don’t need the identity of a religion or that status you think you have acquired as a minister of religious motions and externalities. Don’t promote that stuff out of self-interest and pseudo holiness.

You need not be a blind person or follow blind leaders. Christ your life is the gospel of the Kingdom. There is no other icon of grace or life-giving observance. He is your life, the life of the world and the life of the universe. There are sighted leaders of those wo can see because they are pure in heart and are not pushing other agendas.

The church Jesus is building is the community of those for whom He Himself is their life.

You have one Christ and one God who is Jesus Christ who has made you one with God and placed you in fellowship with the trinity. Due to His work you are incarnated with the trinity.
Religion is no more because God is in you and is where you are so that all you touch can be ignited with the life of God and of heaven. Detach yourself from un-gospels and distortions of the apostles teaching and live in the inheritance that is yours. Christ is your life and you are spiritually alive with His spirit and life to be the change from death to life where you are.