Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


The mystery of Godliness is that we are 'sons.' The bane of self-effort is that we are workers and slaves, striving to obtain what we already have and reaching out to grasp what we already are: Sons and daughters of God. We are not 'sons' because we are charitably minded, sincere church-goers or even 'good Christians.' We are sons because God has joined us to Himself. We not only have eternal life. We have life in fellowship with the trinity today and every day.

We have this fellowship, this union, not because we have earned it but because Jesus has.

We are sons because we are born again. But 'born again is not necessarily any of the aforementioned ‘doings.’ It is not a life of bad deeds laid down and good deeds taken up. We are born again because our life in Adam is dead and life in fellowship with the trinity is real. We are alive and can see because God has done this without any effort on our part. But we do have a part. Our part is to rest in agreement of what is.


This life in the Spirit of Christ is the essence of what Paul describes in Romans chapter 8. Christ lives in you and expresses Himself as you and as His church. Because Christ lives in us, we see as He sees, feel what He feels and do what He is doing. Our life is in Him and our moments are filled with His presence. This is not something we have worked up. It is something Father, Son and Holy Spirit have conspired to achieve for our re-instatement as the sons and representatives of our Father in the earth.

Life in the Spirit is a mystery but a mystery that is revealed to be as real as you are. This mystery has been revealed in God's Son and is made plain in everyday life through His sons. The mystery revealed is Christ in you. It’s what we call ‘Christ come in our flesh.’ Each of us are the manifestation of Jesus in our unique way.

Greg Austin writes of the paradox and revelation inherent in this mystery.

'He cannot be approached, yet He bids man, invites him to draw near. He
cannot be known, yet He sends His Spirit to testify of Him, to
explain Him, to make Him known and to make Him plain. He
cannot be seen, but He appears before us, with us, among us,
as one of us, that we might know Him both in the power of His
resurrection and in the fellowship of His sufferings.

He chooses to involve Himself with His creation, to provide
them the position of "joint-heirs." Not priests of dull drudgery
and labor, not priests who are detached, unrelated, but priests
of family, of relationship, priests of the household of God.
This is the true mystery, the complex made simple, the
unsearchable revealed, opened to us, made clear and plain and
understandable even "to the least of these."

With Christ as our life we are aligned with Jesus and His teaching. The trinity will have made their home in us. We will have been enlightened by the Spirit of Jesus, not blighted by the law. We are interwoven with God and He with us. Because we realize the truth: ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20