Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Some of us never know ourselves and never know God as more than a caricature of our mistaken beliefs. We have never known Him or any degree of fullness of spiritual vitality because we have never examined the things we are were taught as truth critically with a view to seeing if these things be so. Instead we have relied on proof texts and out of context renderings of large slabs of scripture. We can parrot off cliches that support our scriptural interpretations, but which retain us in a state of un-life invisible to ourselves. Yet visible to others and latent enough to leave us with the illusion that we have been promoting the Kingdom of light. Why? Possibly because our identity is in these beliefs and the community that harbours them and our real agenda is to retain this identity and these beliefs. But know this: The pure in heart will see God. The double-minded will construct their own version of Him and live in confusion.


We cannot see ourselves unless we are born again. We cannot see our real selves until we see the real God. The God who is real is shown to us in Jesus Christ. Not only in the the scriptures but as the person who is bigger than the scriptures and who is I AM. Jesus makes it His business to reveal Himself as He is to our spirit so that our heart ‘knows God.’  This is the accurate meaning of ‘laws being written on our heart.’ These are not the laws of Moses. Indeed they are not rules of behavior at all. This is Christ in you manifesting His Spirit as you.

Jesus lives in you and with you as does Holy Spirit and Father. In our inner being they reveal to us their true nature and the truth of who they are. This knowledge comes to us by revelation. Sure the Bible bears witness to God but the subtlety of His person is revealed to your spirit and soul by God Himself - directly. They also reveal to you who you are. Your identity is unfolded and revealed in the presence of the trinity. This is where you came from, the womb from which you were birthed. This is the seedbed of the real you. We are nurtured as the daughters and sons we were born to be in the Family of the Trinity.


None of us will ever know God through the medium of the law, the church or religion. Abstractions do not reveal or impart God. Jesus can and does reveal Himself through those who are the expression of His life. We are fortunate if we are in fellowship with such people because each of them are an aspect of the nature of Jesus. Not at all because they are pious but because Jesus is their life they reveal Him simply by being themselves. With God in you and you embracing this reality you are always a manifestation of our Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.


On the other hand we can be manifestations of our religion. In this mode we have a clouded view of God and a confused view of ourselves. We can be creatures of our belief system. Hidden and formed in the we become an expression of the letter. Our humanity is dimmed and we exude mere droplets of spirit and life. As such we can deliver a reasoned exposition or write a book in theology. But our work lacks the spirit and life of the God’s wisdom and revelation.

As sons all have the capacity to release rivers of spirit and life. But aligned with the law we are one with an abstractaction and abstractions. We are joined to dryness while claiming to impart life. Our spirit of sonship is meagre and our anointing has little soil in which to take root. We can minister in this mode surrounded by a cloud of death - an absence of spirit and life, which is invisible to us but which is a result of our having a dual identity and ‘another gospel.’ This is not said to be unkind. It’s stated because as ons we deserve more and because we have an inheritance of more. This more is ours when we live in the new covenant mode where Christ is our life and we are the manifestation of His person.

Richard Rohr observes, ‘Mature religion is always trying to get you out of the closing prison-house of the false self. Many have said before me that spirituality is much more about unlearning than learning, because the “growing boy” is usually growing into major illusions, all of which must be undone to free him from prison and take him back to his beginnings in God.

Should we fail to forsake our identity and our ideas for His, our covenant with self and our community for His covenant and community of the saints we will spend our lives perpetuating half-truths and be among those who go down to their graves not knowing that they lived to perpetuate a delusion in the name of God’s life. We can live in  this ‘about face’ every day and avoid the schizophrenia of promoting our gospel as His and living out our lives with one leg in our community while attempting to represent the community of Christ’s Kingdom.

We are talking here about the new covenant, of transitioning from the old to the new. Now we are one with God and we nature as an extension of our Father as does any good son. Rohr writes ‘a person who has found his or her True Self, has learned how to live in the big picture, as a part of deep time and all of history. This change of frame and venue is called living in “the kingdom of God” by Jesus, and it is indeed a major about-face. This necessitates, of course, that we let go of our own smaller kingdoms, which we normally do not care to do. Life is all about practicing for heaven. We practice by choosing union freely—ahead of time—and now. Heaven is the state of union both here and later. As now, so will it be then.’ (Quoted from ‘Falling Upward’ by Richard Rohr)