Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


In the Greek mind-set truth is associated with what you know. But in the Hebrew mind-set, truth is what you are. Time for the Hebrew is less a linear progression and more an encounter or series of encounters with God. Truth was not an abstraction but the understanding of the manifestation of God in everyday life. The knowledge of reality as revealed by God is both personal and communal. Personal because Father, Son and Holy Spirit are profoundly personal and communal because the trinity lives in and among us to multiply the community of heaven on earth.


‘The seeing’ - anyone who has embraced Jesus as their life will be able to identify with this mindset since it is the mind of the Spirit emanating from Father. It is imparted by His Son and is flowing into us by the indwelling Spirit. The Spirit of Christ, known also as the Spirit of sonship, liberates us from fundamentalisms, liberalism and a Greek mind-set because our life is in God through Christ. Any one for whom Christ is life will see through religion, live in God and have the discernment of Jesus. Contained in the law and old covenant we will be fortunate to have any discernment at all.

By living in the Spirit we live in the flow of existence that is God’s light and God’s river of life.

The fullness of God is found in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the human face of the Father. As the Son of God He is the fullness of the God-head bodily. Victorious over Satan and the grave He is more than the new Adam. He is the one new man. In Jesus we are bound to the Father, bound to each other and immersed in the fullness of life to live as LIFE-GIVERS. All that exists is brought together in Christ.


It is because Christ is both the beginning and the end and that He is all and in all and that He is our life. He is also our light and therefore the lens through which we must read the Bible and comprehend its truth. Jesus is the light that leads out of darkness and the life who overcomes death to multiply life without limit. In the old covenant we can have religion but will not be truly alive. The big deal of the new testament is not the gifts of the Spirit but the incarnation – your union with God. The gifts and all else are a function of this.

Fullness in Christ is not everyone operating in the gifts. Fullness equates to the reality of your rootedness in Father. Fullness is you alive in your new covenant sonship. Fullness means that in you the fall has been undone and you are living in your union with God.

While familiarity with the difference between the Hebrew and Greek mind-set has a certain usefulness one need not think like a Jew, immerse oneself in Judaism or attempt a greater piety by adherence to Jewish feasts and rites in order to know God. Our right is to live in Christ. God’s gift of life is that Jesus is our life. The rite Jesus gave us to immerse us in His life is the sacrament of the Lord’s supper. Even then the life is in Jesus and not in the elements. Our new testament reality is Christ in us.


In order to grow as sons we need to abandon pet fictions that insulate us from fullness. One cannot live from warped gospels and live in the fullness of a son. Any belief that limits the fact of Christ becoming us in the Spirit limits our sonship and warps our humanity. The Lord’s Table is the sign of Christ in us. Inviting Him to be our life is the reality.


Rooted in Jesus we are rooted in the Father. Rooted in the Father we are joined to the Ancient of Days and firmly embedded in the Rock from which we were hewn. Here to be human is to be a son and a daughter of God. There is no need to get back to Jewish roots. Our roots go way back further than the Jews. We began in the hearts of the trinity before time began. We were imagined, seen and loved before there was an earth. And in Jesus we are becoming who we are.
We are the men and the women we were born to be when in the Spirit we are ‘lived in’ by the Son of Man. Our identity is in Christ. The sons of God are not tied to nationality or culture. Their primary identity is not ethnic or denominational. We live and are known as who we really are because we are in Christ and Christ is our life.

Let’s be clear about this. Joined to the umbilicus of the law you will never be who you really are. Hidden in Christ you will be revealed in your glory.


All that came before Jesus the Messiah were shadows of the real. The old testament leads to Jesus - never Jesus to the old testament. Law and temple pointed to Jesus. But by the law of the spirit of life Christ manifests as you. YOU ARE AN EXPRESSION OF CHRIST. Not of the law.
Collectively we are His church, His new creation and His Kingdom - all built without human hands.


Jesus does not point to any of the shadows of the old testament. He is our reality. Our life is in the reality of Christ. Not in forms and ceremonies that are shadows of the real. To advance increasingly into life in the person of Jesus is to grow from glory to glory. But to use Jesus as a means to sacralize Jewish rites and observances is to retreat into idolatry. Father has chosen all who believe in His Son. The promised land is the earth in which the kingdoms of this world have been extinguished and supplanted by the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Jesus is your life; the life of the nations and the life of the world. Worship Him!