Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


If the old testament was a life in the letter - and it was - the new testament is life in the Spirit. Rooted here in the tree of life, which is our life in the Father, we are truly sons, joined to He who gave us being and one with the universe He created. Paul declared that as members of the Father's House, our weapons are not carnal. That is, our strength is spirit and our weapons come from the arsenal of the Spirit because we live in the Spirit. If this sounds repetitive, it is. But only because it is the essence of the Kingdom of God and I am trying to make a point.


Jesus' cross rejoined us to the Father. Our spirits are once again knit with His. We are one in the Spirit with Father God because Jesus has knitted us to the heavenly family in the Spirit of Sonship. We represent the Kingdom of Heaven when we live in the Spirit because we are imparting the life of heaven into our domains on earth. Your domain is a function of your identity and purpose – the one given you before you were created and redeemed for you to live in today by Jesus. If you are an engineer you will bring life through what you engineer. If a chef the Spirit of Life will flow through the delights you dish up. Be encouraged by this. But also be assured. Only the Spirit imparts the life of heaven. Law, letter and flesh multiply subtle forms of death.

What kind of death flows from the flesh? It is the un-life that flows from disconnection to God.
None can live both in the Spirit and the law. It’s one or the other. As we mature spiritually we grow out of acts of the flesh. The important thing is to situate ourselves in Jesus to be an extension of His being. Maturity is growing from the mixture of flesh and spirit to living entirely from Jesus’ life.


The way of Jesus is a new and living way. Not a new way of living the old testament. Life in the Spirit is not a clever way of enabling us to live with skill in the letter. It is a living way because it is alive with the Spirit. It is not an anointing of the letter or a means of keeping the law. This would be contradictory and a nonsense. It is Christ in you.


The righteousness of God is not a list or an abstraction. Righteousness is a person. It always was and always will be because Jesus is the righteousness of God. In Christ you are the righteousness of Jesus. But this is not all. It's not only about morality. It's about your state of being in Christ. You are a son of God.


With Jesus as our life we are sons. With performance as our life we are slaves and workers. We are dead to life and blind to light. Even if we do move in spiritual gifts. When Paul used the words below he was not talking about salvation. He was talking about those who insist on living from letter, law and self-effort. You may have lived like this. You may know people who do. They do not see what needs to be seen.

'The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit' 1 Cor 2.14 NIV.

Only in Christ is the veil of incomprehension removed. This implies that if we are locked into law and performance our appreciation of Jesus and who He is for us will be small. Small Jesus. Small us!

Life in the Spirit is Jesus as our life. Father, Son and Holy Spirit have conspired together to draw us into the heavenly family so that we are one by the One Spirit. Joined to the Father and to heaven by Jesus the life of heaven flows through us to dissipate death, raise the religious dead from their graves, heal sickness, deformity and perversion, cast out demons and drive out sin.


Not all hearts are pleased by the prospect of life in the Spirit. The first stumbling block is that we are called to live by Jesus life - not our own life. The second is that our life is not about us. We have to abandon the us-centered universe based on my sin and my performance.

Many prefer the self-respect they imagine is theirs by adhering to a mixture of self effort and Jesus. Some are addicted to earning God's love through conspicuous effort. They need to see themselves working and need others to value them for it. As strenuous as this is, they prefer this treadmill rather than risking a life in the Spirit. As a result they spend much of their lives viewing spiritual things through a fog and circling the same mulberry bush.

The Enemy has been too successful in diminishing the gospel of the Kingdom and substituting a kingdom of religion. Since many have never embraced the genuine gospel of rebirth from flesh to spirit, such a life appears insubstantial, unregulated and just plain scary. To many, life in the Spirit seems complex and nebulous. The reality is that it is simple and only a matter of belief. Anyone can live it. Particularly those of simple, child-like faith.

‘And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven’ Matt 18.3 NIV.

Just say at the start of each day, ‘Jesus, you are my life. Today I step into your person. I invite you to be me. You life is my life and together we will multiply your resurrection today!’