Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the pure in heart’ for a reason. They see God and they know themselves as they are meant to be.

John the Baptist announced the way of the Lord. But it was Jesus who made straight the crooked way and undid the knots of evil. All that is lonely, solitary and abandoned is salved in Him. He is the way of life, comfort and peace. Jesus is the way into fellowship with God as trinity. In God the bonus is that we have community in His presence in which to be nurtured and nourished as healthy daughters and sons.


Any deviation from the apostles teaching and the gospel of the Kingdom is a fertile seed bed for a diseased soul. Jesus is called the new and living way because he is the way of wholeness, completeness, fullness and infinite life. Any deviation from Jesus leads to enfeeblement, withering and death.

‘Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life’ 1 John 5.12 NIV.

There are many definitions of religion. Here we will note that religion is anything that substitutes human effort and ideas for who Jesus is and what has been accomplished for us in Him. This is why Paul’s words, ‘Christ our life’ are unilateral and total.

There’s a reason why tithes and sabbaths have little efficacy in the new testament age. Jesus is all of our life and we are all of His. There’s no fractionated segmented living here. No sacred and secular. No artificial divisions arising from a reality divided into good and evil. There’s a new realm: The Kingdom of God. In Him we live, move and have our being. Or not. In which case we live as segmented selves and unhealed persons in separation when we have been gifted union and wholeness.


Jesus is not most of our life. He is totally our life. The vicarious humanity of Jesus means that He is totally all things to you and between you and God. Any addition or subtraction from Him
is iniquitous. But our absorption into Him releases life without measure. Iniquity can be found in immorality and degradation. Iniquity in its more subtle form is perversion of our given relationship to God. It leads to death. It has the connotation of the perpetuation of death in communities and through generations. One manifestation is false doctrine - particularly false doctrine which denies the new covenant and impedes the new creation life in the church. The influence of the Enemy is innately iniquitous. The power of Jesus is life without measure. This life is eternal and infinite and lives in you!

‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ John 10.10 NIV.

Life to the full is not an abstraction. It is Christ in you, Christ as you by the Spirit of Sonship. The gospel of the Kingdom is not about being good. It is Christ our life. This is the gospel of the Kingdom and more: It is the new creation manifest by His church in the world.


All that is perverse is made whole in Jesus. Every crooked representation of truth is made straight in Him. In Jesus iniquity is un-raveled. Lies masquerading as truth are revealed. But the decision is ours to be free.

Every ‘other gospel’ and false christ is exposed when Jesus Himself is our light. In Him we are truly alive because we exist in spirit and truth as sons and daughters of God.

The solution to human failing is not a dob of law or an ingestion of formulae. It is a greater immersion into His person and being. It is ‘I decrease because He has increased.’ He has taken over my being.

‘For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God’ Col 3.3 NIV.


A frustrating thing about folks living in forms of godliness is that when confronted with the absolute starkness of Christ our life - these people feel they must add something to it. They have an innate compulsion to ‘yes but’ and add something of themselves because they have been nurtured in one or all of the modes of iniquity - old covenant, law, salvation as a belief system and the knowledge of good and evil posing as the Kingdom. Jesus is not the means for us to keep the law. He is way more than that. He is life, love, joy and adventure itself. He is infinity in you!
Francois Du Toit, translator of The Mirror Bible writes -

‘Grace is not unmerited favor!
God doesn't love you because he pities you.
He knows you and has never changed his mind about you!
Jesus is God's mind made up about you-manity!’

We need to be clear. In law, in morality, in good works and charitable efforts, we can miss the mark and always be less than we are. But not when Christ is our life. In Him we are sons of God and will always become more than we imagined.