Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


I don’t usually publish ‘wise sayings’ in my posts. You won’t find quotes from great minds here. This is not because they are not wise, true or insightful. And its not because they are idealistic or impractical. I don’t make a thing out of such sayings. I don’t often cite them because of one basic reason. They have no power in themselves to be realized in us. No power to transform no matter how much we may laud their compassion or insight.


Will power cannot make wisdom part of us. We have no power to make virtue part of our lives in ourselves. Not unless Christ is our life. Nevertheless wise sayings are an expression of the wisdom of Christ, whether He is acknowledged or not. They are an expression of His person, of the logos and Living Word. When we agree that He is our life and that we have been received into His fellowship, values and precepts that originate with Him, make themselves part of the lives of you and I. Independently of Jesus these precepts are an expression of the knowledge of good and evil. Living from the incarnation righteousness becomes you.

‘Jesus is the living word. He is the manifestation of every good value and aspect of wisdom. He is our life. He has empowered us to be doing what He is doing’

The life of Christ does not come from things we should do. Empowered and living things we do come from Christ incarnated in our being. This is the new and living way in which we impart spirit and life because our spirit and soul is alive.


I read an article this morning about the need of the church to be missional. It does. But mission does not come from discipleship as the article suggested. A focus on discipleship will not make us disciples. But Christ as our life will. Mission comes from the apostolic Spirit of Jesus alive in our being.

How important then to be in Christ rather than just in Christianity!

Christ in you is very simple. Too simple for some, yet it is the power of God for salvation and the transformed world known as the new creation. Each person has a meaning. Each person has a mission distinctly their own. Each person has Christ come in their flesh so that their life, their person is ignited with the Spirit of Christ alive in them to make them real.

Richard Rohr writes, “We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.” We can live out spirit and life because we are spirit and life as the expression of Christ. Every Believer has the potential to be as Paul and John. Not to be Paul or John but to be themselves as the manifestation of Jesus. This is the witness of ourselves when alive in the Spirit.
People are real when they are who they are; who they are because they are hidden in Christ; hidden in Christ yet revealed in their true identity; made alive in Christ and delivered from the dead works, false identities and missions forced on them by ‘missional people’ who are sincere but misguided. Misguided because they know nothing of the new covenant and the spirit and life that flows from those who are not workers but sons of God.

But what does the Scripture say? "CAST OUT THE BONDWOMAN AND HER SON, FOR THE SON OF THE BONDWOMAN SHALL NOT BE AN HEIR WITH THE SON OF THE FREE WOMAN." Gal 4.30 NASB. What are these bonds? The bonds are general and specific. General when they are a Christianised version of the knowledge of good and evil and specific when they are the laws of Moses. So what is our inheritance? Our inheritance is Christ in you. It is the God incarnated in all who believe.


Jesus did not come among us to create institutions or institutional clones. No ‘battery hens’ in Jesus’ Kingdom. Imagine a church where the roles people occupy are not institutionalized pigeon holes or structured cages - but the manifestation of a person’s actual identity and purpose in Jesus. Keep in mind that your true purpose in the Kingdom will be realized as
you expressing the Spirit of Jesus. Never by you as an expression of the law or of religion. Your real purpose comes not from a purpose driven church, 30 days of purpose or institutional requirements. Your purpose comes to you in the spirit of Sonship, from our Father, through Jesus and Holy Spirit into you. Thus you are not only your authentic self, but the manifestation of our Father in your living. Your purpose is to be who you are in Christ. That’s who you are as an expression of Jesus, never who you are as an expression of religion.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14,20.


The body of Christ is not a lifeless, Biblical/ institutional construct (Not unless we have retained ourselves in the
body of death). The body of Christ is the person of Jesus manifest as His people. The fullness of Christ is seen as the Kingdom of God when people are simply in God because they are in Christ. Christ in all His fullness is revealed when people are themselves in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


In new covenant mode ‘mission’ is never contrived, never an artifact of the letter that kills and never a function of a separated life. Mission is the natural outgrowth of union with God. So let’s get over this ‘missional thing.’ We will have authentic and fruitful mission when we are in Father and He is in us. So what hoop do we need to jump through to accomplish this? None. God in His fullness is in us and with us. We and Father are one. Our part is simply to believe it and step into the reality that is Christ.

‘To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory’ Col 1.27 NIV.