Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


In ministry we would hope that all we do is filled with spirit and life. This occurs when we are one with God, not notionally, but in spirit and in truth. We have been given the key to union. This was expressed when Peter declared, ‘You are the Christ, the Saviour of the world.’ Peter was not talking of salvation as a legality. He was hinting at the drawing of all of us into the fellowship of God and the coming incarnation of Father, Son and Spirit in our being.

Jesus’ words contained spirit and life because He was one with His Father. Joined to Holy Spirit and His Father He participated in their infinite life. As His Father’s Son He multiplied this spirit/life by being Himself. When He lived and spoke with us this life flowed to those around Him.

We are sons and daughters of God with the same relationship Jesus has with Father. We belong because Jesus Christ is us in the Holy Family. We have this living life and speak these living words that are sourced in the spirit-life of the trinity.

Living from where we have been placed we teach with a weight of glory. We are imbued with sharpness and precision in discerning Kingdom from religion and separating life from death. We speak with wisdom and revelation that penetrates religious myths and separates fables from fullness of life. To have abandoned law and been liberated from the speciousness of the knowledge of good and evil is to live in LIFE AND REVELATION ITSELF. One cannot remain attached to the law and in old covenant separation and expect to be minister revelation, spirit or life. The flesh accomplishes nothing for the Kingdom of God.


Repentance involves the radical re-orientation of ourselves and our ideas. Quite often it calls for the abandonment of teaching and belief that we have carried with us from childhood. This can be teaching that has been taught to us by sincere but misguided persons. Growth comes from the removal of baggage that obscures Jesus and dilutes what He has done. Such slanted, partisan interpretations of Jesus, the gospel and the Kingdom come from the use of faulty glasses with perverting lenses. These opinionated glasses can be a personal collection of veils or the false teaching of a denomination and a ministry. But to remain captive to such ideas is to invite stagnation and worse. They lead to torpor and death when we could have been marinated in spirit/life without measure.


Whether we live in life to the full depends on what we are seeking. Do we live to justify our status quo. Is our aim to shore up and identity we think we have in our religious community, to manufacture some status or credibility for our perspective? Have we misaligned ourselves with tares and teaching Jesus did not plant? Do you live to prop up weeds or are you a seeker of life without limit? Unless our passion is to unconditionally know Jesus as He is and be one with what He has done we are assisting the Father of Lies. Our beliefs are merely figments of our imagination and a delusion that cripples innocents inhibits new creation life. Have we entered a Door to spirit and life or a rabbit burrow of stagnation and death? Seeing clearly involves accurately knowing who Jesus is and what He has done if we are to enter our inheritance as sons and act as competent ministers of the Kingdom.