Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


When the Holy Spirit comes there is joy and the expectation of a bright future. But who would have thought that what began with joy and the anticipation of the enlargement of God in us could plateau into stagnation. There are situations where it does because we have attempted to root ourselves in the law instead of in the being of God. What is the being of God? It is the womb of all life and the poyency of all purpose: The trinity.

The Holy Spirit lives to reveal the everlasting gospel. Holy Spirit lives to reveal Jesus in His fullness and to counsel us into becoming deep-rooted in Christ. If we are stubbornly attached to a lesser jesus and an abridged version of what God accomplished for us in Christ there is little The Spirit can do for us. He inflicts Himself on none and will not inflict the Kingdom of Christ on those who resist it. He will not force us to live in Christ because we refuse to abandon Adam or live in a partial gospel inside the fence of our perspective. If we must have the law and its icons He will leave us with them until our self imposed futility drives us to embrace our inheritance of union with God.


There is a significant passage in a book I am presently reading entitled, 'Royal Priesthood: The Pathway to Kingdom Authority'. This is what it says,

'The moment he [Adam] bit into the forbidden fruit he became the progenitor of a people - who by their very nature - deny and defy their creator in their self-centered pursuits. By nature they misinterpret liberty and freedom for lawlessness and cave in to the Tempter's strategies to postpone the the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.'

‘Postpone’ is an interesting word. This passage could have been written as a warning to rebels. Then again it might apply to those addicted to the indulgences of cheap grace. But actually it applies to those who have not applied what Jesus gave them through the cross, resurrection and Pentecost. It's about living insipid when we can be living in His resurrection life.


The context indicates that this is describing those who insist on an attachment to the law and the old covenant mode of being when Jesus has given all a new and living way: Himself. Jesus mediating the law is a heresy. Jesus mediating Himself is life. A law-centric outlook multiplies iniquity, shrivels the human spirit and imprisons us in Adam and the fall. It does this in the very process of advocating the life of God. This is a cunningly devised fable. You have an everlasting gospel in which to live and which to flourish.

Jesus came to reveal our Father and in so doing He established us as sons. There is no message in the Bible other than this. Any other ‘message’ is a snare and a fable. The message is that you belong as a son in the being of God and you are rooted in the trinity in Jesus Christ. This is the raw reality of the gospel and the soil from which sonship and life in the Spirit finds its Source. This is the eternal gospel known also as the gospel of the Kingdom and the apostles teaching.

'Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth--to every nation, tribe, language and people' Rev 14.6 NIV.

The law of Moses is not the law of Christ. Grace is not the means of enabling us to relate to the law. Grace is a Person. Grace is Jesus Grace is the personal new and living way in which Jesus, the law of the Spirit of Life - is our life. The law of the spirit of life, in so far as it can be called a law at all, is not a system of rules and prescriptions. It is a person. Jesus is the law of the Spirit of life. By living in you He fills you with the spirit of life itself. You manifest the character of Jesus.


Life in Adam, the law and performance is ego centric and life-denying. Here we are separated from God while absorbed in making forms of godliness in our own image. Only in Christ are we made alive and only when Christ is our life are we the sons who multiply the Kingdom of God. By pursuing an old and dead pseudo-godliness, the imposter can convince as that we are pleasing God even as we are obstructing His kingdom of freedom and holiness.

We can live in the old covenant, live in an illusion and multiply an illusion - the illusion that we are multiplying life when we are multiplying nothing. Why distribute a coleslaw of religion when we could be multiplying His Kingdom of life.

'And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come' Matt 24.14 NIV.