Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


I have observed many preachers in my life. Those who purvey life are not always the ones who present an argument. Those who give ‘Bible studies’ may not often be the mouthpieces of revelation. Transparency and emotion may not be a sign of the presence of Holy Spirit. What is the Source of a flow of spirit and life? Union with God. Union with God comes from uncompromising loyalty to Jesus. No dilution here. No some loyalty to Jesus and some to a religious community, a ministry or the Christian industry. Just the kind of loyalty Jesus had to His Father and the people He came to liberate.


‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God’ Matt 5.8 NIV. They are blessed and they live in revelation because their hearts are not divided and their spiritual ears are not muffled by dual loyalties.

We become truth-tellers and conveyors of spirit and life when we and Jesus are one. When we allow nothing to insulate us from intimacy with our one husband. This was the pattern modelled by Jesus. He and His Father were one and because of this Jesus spoke His Father’s words that were His words as His son. They were words of spirit and life. The Word of God has always been the expression of God. This is why the ultimate Word of God is not a book. It is a person - the son of man speaking out Father’s spirit and life. In new covenant union you are the same. You are the expression of Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit where you are. This is competent ministry in the Spirit and never in the letter.

There’s a lesson here. Truth is not found in abstractions. Neither is it expressed through dualism - binary positions promoted as if they are understanding. For instance, ‘Sin is the transgression of the law’ is a limited definition of sin. Sin is anything that occurs in separation from Jesus. Since the law is a function of the separation caused by Adam, the practise of maintaining law as ‘the way’ is sin. Sin because it maintains separation and sidelines the power of Jesus come in our flesh.


The fullness of God’s character is Jesus. Truth comes from persons and is expressed as persons. Thus the fullness of the truth about God is known in His Son. The fullness of you is demonstrated in the expression of Jesus as you - never from the law, because words on stone are incapable of expressing the fullness of life that comes from the trinity to be expressed in each of us.

Jesus is not only full of grace and truth. He is grace and truth. We will do better as preachers if we are the manifestation of Jesus rather than a manifestation of a law-stradled belief system.


Some teachers live a theologically industrious life in separation from God. They are separated in mindset. Not in actuality, but the reality they make for themselves is what fills their minds and touches others with its severity and dryness. Estranged from the new covenant they do the best they can. But their best is far less than what it available to them as sons. Union with God is the province of all. The possession, ownership and utilisation of this ‘oneness’ is the possession of those who have embraced the completeness of their inheritance. It belongs to those who say. “I’ll have that!’ and live in it. You’ll live in what? You will live in what you have been given. Your union with God.

I have heard
insupportable Christian doctrines exposed by honest people who speak truth that has been ‘rightly divided.’ By ‘divided’ we mean ‘discerned’ and interpreted in spirit and truth. These are the words of apostolic people who live in union with God. Words clothed in spirit and life break open common fables and expose religious humbug for what it is - pious nonsense. But if you are self-enclosed inside the oyster of your denominational identity, don’t expect to experience life to the full - or be a minister of spirit and life.


Throughout the Old Testament purity of heart was construed as undivided loyalty to God. This was a time when idols vied for human loyalty - idols that represented separation from God along with the sacralisation of human carnality and the deification of human qualities. Today idols are more subtle and to that extent more subversive of the Kingdom of Christ. Particularly when the idols are our favourite ideas, our ministry, our denomination: The idols of our identity in our denomination that bind and blind us. Idols are not necessarily immoralities. Idols can be things that are not Christ which we come towards to do penance for sins or to receive acceptance with God or acquire an identity.


It’s significant that King David who committed adultery and murder possessed an incredible purity towards God - an undivided loyalty that transcended His sin and set Him apart as a human portent of the coming Messiah. David wrote,
‘Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD? And who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted up his soul to falsehood and has not sworn deceitfully. He shall receive a blessing from the LORD and righteousness from the God of his salvation’ Ps 24.3,4.


Clearly David and God who inspired this has a high view of no compromise; of those who are not captured by an identity they think they must have; who will not sacrificed liberty, truth and loyalty to God for the sake of an idol they have made out of an identity. Thus Jesus said, ‘Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me’ Matt 10.37 NIV.

Jesus has set all captive free including those bonded to a false identity. Eyes that see, revelation into our experience is the effect our life in God - the effect our swimming in the river of life and in this baptism becoming ministers of new covenant spirit and life.
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