Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


We no longer live in the regime of the knowledge of good and evil. Separationism is over. We are one with God and we live in God by the One Spirit. We are enveloped in the Spirit of Sonship and we release spirit and life as daughters and sons.


We can do better than fill a space or time slot with a piece of God-talk. We can release resurrection life. There is the gospel of random acts of religion and there is the gospel of the Kingdom. There is the knowledge of good and evil and there is the Kingdom of God’s Sons that is a realm, an atmosphere and the incarnation of God in people. There is the person who gives an informational talk on some aspect of Christianity and the person who releases wisdom, revelation and life. It depends on what covenant we are in – the old covenant of separation or the new covenant of God manifest through His sons and daughters.

There is a line of life and authority that began in the Father, was passed on by His Son and made its way into human beings. It was interrupted by the fall and has risen again in the resurrection of the Son of Man who lives in and imparts His life to the sons and daughters of men. It is this life of the Father, the resurrection life of His Son who lives in you to be shared with those who live in darkness and in the half-light of religious conformity.


The gospel of the Kingdom hinges on a number of related themes.

1. The loving and completely trustworthy nature of the Father.
2. Our access to the Father’s heart on account of Jesus the Door.
3. Christ our life, the Spirit of Sonship and sons alive in the Son of God through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
4. The foundational role of our new covenant life in the Spirit.
5. The apostolic nature of sons of our Father and the potency of the new creation.


There is one law that binds us together. This is the law of the Spirit of Life who is the Person of Jesus manifest in His people. A life devoted to prophecy or hearing God is part of our inheritance but not the essence of gospel of the Kingdom. The core is our union with God. The substance is the incarnation of the trinity in us. The authority is Christ come in our flesh.
Now we are a kingdom of priests. Jesus found His place and mission in the Father and so do we – by living in Him. In Christ we and the Father are one.

There are many aspects of the Kingdom, that by themselves are not the Kingdom. I mean morality, ethics good works, miracles, ministries, missions, prophecy, hearing God. They are all parts of the whole but not the whole, nor are they the essence. The essence is God manifest as His sons and daughters. Here the list above are the fruits of the spirit of sonship.

The kingdom is no more and no less than Christ in you, which by extension is Father, Son and Holy Spirit manifesting the life of heaven where you are. Because you are one with our Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God has come in you. You yourself are the manifest presence of God as His sons.