Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Prayers are usually a reflection of our beliefs. It’s not a good thing to judge prayers. But I could not help noticing and .. well.. wincing inwardly. A friend of mine was praying. He mentioned the cross and then went on about it at some length - earnestly. As earnest as he was I felt that his attention was misplaced, that he had missed the point - the point that today it is not the cross that is key. The key is Christ in us active by His Spirit.

It would be a mistake to think Jesus or the populace of heaven are absorbed in the cross. Jesus is not. He is full of life and anticipation in the joy that is set before Him! Why this joy? It is the excitement heaven feels about our union and fellowship with God.


The meaning of the Lord’s Table is less about the cross and more about His life in and through us. It’s not only union as important as this is. It is companionship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Today in us, as it was in Jesus, lives the fullness of the God-head bodily.

‘For in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily’ Col 2.9 KJV.

The big ones of the new covenant age are not the cross. Nor is it the baptism in the Spirit. But the latter comes second. Second only to the incarnation of Christ in you personally and as the church Jesus builds out His own life and our fellowship with heaven. This is what the new covenant is: This is His spiritually body as you, as the church and more. This fellowship is the companionship of the trinity in us and among us.


So the Kingdom of God is not primarily about you being a good person, or church members militating (self-righteously) against immorality. It’s about the life of Jesus for you - for us all. A righteous life is the fruit, not the root. Flagellating the non-believer with moralisms is more the kingdom of you than the Kingdom of God. There’s no condemnation in Jesus. But heaps of life in His name.

The fruit of the Spirit are fruits because they are the effect of Christ in us. They are what happens when Christ lives in us by the Spirit to manifest Himself as us. We have been made one with Him - all of us. This is the ground of our being and the soil of our garden.

Jesus does not live to multiply religious effects. He is not the supervisor of the knowledge of good and evil in a Christian guise. He is life itself. Those who have Him have life. Those who don’t have religion.