Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


I have been thinking a lot recently about being born again, about becoming who we are meant to be in Christ - about entering our real identity and participating in the continual baptism that is ours in Christ – where the ‘false us’ is sloughed off and the ‘real us’ is imparted out of the Spirit of Jesus dwelling in us. I have been anxious about this, indeed I am passionate about it as I am disappointed when I see people I know and whose culture I have shared, stalled in a lesser inheritance and a lesser identity than the treasure in the field that they own, courtesy of Christ. The treasure in the field and the pearl of great price may be salvation generically but specifically this treasure and
this pearl is you. It is who you really are in Christ in your real identity as a son/daughter of our Father.

Recently I read ..
My first Enneagram teacher and mentor, Father Richard, has suggested that Enneagram type is one-third nature, one-third nurture, and one-third the decision we make as children to fill a role needed to survive or thrive in our families and environments.” (1)

I incline to this. I don't’ think the real us is ever a product of our wounds, even if this is the ‘us’ that we are familiar with. The real me is who I was conceived to be out of the womb of the trinity. And mostly not who we have been told we are by our religion or culture. That’s my belief.


I believe we can get a lot of this real identity back again even in this life. This to me is the adventure of our life in the body and the life that Jesus joined to honour and transform. ‘Christ come in the flesh’ is to me the big deal of our redemption. He is here now helping and supervising the re-invention of the self into the real self who we were conceived to be and are destined to become. In Him we are very much an alpha and omega and destined for an eternal unravelling of the glory that is us. So christ in you is the hope of glory and the everyday unfolding of the glory we are now and are becoming. It would be strange to be sons of God and not be glorious.

(1) Heuertz, Christopher L.. The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth (p. 57). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.