Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Everyone belongs. We belong because we are born of God. Sure, we came down the Birth Canal but we are ultimately born of the trinity. Our self-imposed alienation from God has been undone. In Jesus we are one with God. The at-one-ment is accomplished and we are in fellowship with our Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus. As well as angels.

We need to live where we have been positioned. Because most don’t. Some live in legalism and the separation of the law thinking they are pleasing God when they are actually ignoring Him – well ignoring what He has done. Either out of ignorance or from bloody-mindedness. Others live in mixture – a concoction of the old and new covenants which has them trying hard to receive what they already have and walking on a the
try-harder treadmill in order to achieve some kind of intimacy with God. Many have given up on intimacy because it seems too hard. Others have made religion out of distance or out of theology and a bookish kind of godliness and funny clothes. Not a few do praise and worship in order to bring themselves into the presence of God. But we are already in Him and He is in us. Praise and worship is good when directed to what we have rather than what we think we don’t have.

Service is good when it is the effect of our union with God and our comfort and joy in the security of this relationship. It’s not so good and almost counter-productive when it’s about earning the love and acceptance we already have. This is the trouble with a performance orientation – our performance and good works are about us – which seems to negate what elements of spirit and life might have been present if we had been serving as sons instead of workers.

Many have no sense or belief that they are one with God. With some the atonement is still in progress and in their mind the outcome depends on them. Others work hard and wonder if they have done enough – even though Jesus has done all that needs to be done. All belong to the Body of Christ. Far fewer belong in their hearts and in their souls. They live in a separation mindset because this is all they know, or all they have been taught, or all some want them to know because their churches are based on ‘selling’ the union with God folks already possess. Or because people have been taught bad theology and have accepted cunningly devised fables as if they came from God. We belong to the Body of Christ when our hearts believe that we belong and are included in Christ who is entirely our life. Robert Rohr writes,

You cannot create your union with God; it is objectively already given to you. The only difference between people are THOSE WHO ARE CONSCIOUSLY DRAWING UPON THIS UNION AND THOSE WHO ARE NOT. Let me repeat: The difference is not between those who are united to God and those who aren’t. After all, as the psalmist asked, Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. We’re all united to God, but ONLY SOME OF US KNOW IT. Most of us deny it and doubt it. It’s just—frankly—too good to be true. That’s why they call it good news. But it can’t be this good, can it? Yeah, that’s where it gets its name and reputation as GOOD NEWS.”

Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation (Kindle Locations 1861-1872). SPCK. Kindle Edition.