Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


In Australia people can spend all their lives as rusted on Labor or Liberal supporters. They claim good reasons for doing so and some reasons are certainly valid – if you belong to a certain sector of society. There are others, the swinging voters who try to choose the best team of the times. This is difficult if none of them are blessed with ‘vision’ and most are not in these times when non-Believers cannot bring themselves to take Christianity seriously and believers live in a kind of religion that could be described as the opiate of the people. It seems that a large segment of American Christianity is such a distortion of Jesus’ Kingdom that they felt justified in helping to elect Donald Trump – never mind that he is not unlike some of the rulers of Jesus day or the emperors of Roman times.

Christianity is not a religion. Except with most people it is. The Kingdom is a person – the person of Jesus writ into the very being of the human race. That’s if we receive Him. We are no more the Body of Christ just because we wear the label Christian than gold is gold because it is yellow and shiny.

Richard Rohr has observed this appalling truth. The truth that, “
Most people have not been offered a different mind, only different behaviours, beliefs, and belonging systems. They do not necessarily nourish us, much less transform us. But they invariably secure us and validate us where we already are.”

‘Where we already are.’ This is what counts to some believers - an attachment to some icons, to an identity that validates them and clothes them with an imagined status. Never mind that their ‘gospel’ is somewhat untrue or not a gospel at all but a gross unravelling of what Jesus accomplished. Some Believers live behind their wall of fictions, while casting themselves as liberals and thinkers and part of the intelligentsia. But they have adopted the reflexive habit of straining out anything contrary to the perspective which for years has undermined their supposed identity.

Non self-critical Christians are no more the hope of the world than are non self-critical Muslims or Jews. There is often not much difference between different religions and political parties at the ego level — only the vocabulary, rituals, and conversation circles differ.” (2)

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