Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


We are sons of God and have the same authority as did Jesus – if we care to live in Him and not in religion. Many Believers live in limited spiritual authority. They don't know they have any and restrict themselves out of ignorance and false humility to asking God to be "with" people, which of course He already is – which means that such prayers are nothingness and pious nonsense.
If there is anything amazingly distinctive abut the new covenant age it is that God is in us and with us. ‘Separationist’ attitudes render prayer religious and often meaningless. They become rites of religiosity rather than words of authority and power. Hence their frequent lack of real content, falling under the heading of vain repetitions.
‘He taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law’ Matt 7.29 NIV.
In this ‘beating the air’ category we find the practice of asking the Lord to ‘bless’ this and ‘bless’ that. Since a blessing is amorphous and ambiguous one of these ‘blessing prayers’ disguises the ineffectual nature of much prayer by making it impossible to pin down with to anything substantial. They are grounded in lack of authority and hide from us our the authority all of us can have as sons of God. They hide such impotence because ‘a blessing’ is so vague that it can be considered received even if it is something or nothing.
But ‘something and nothing’ is what best describes most old covenant fulmination and preaching. People attempt to fill some religious space with a homily - a piece of knowledge of good and evil. But they could di much better. They could be speaking exactly what Father is saying in the moment and the season because they are sons – not in religious mode - but filled with the spirit of sonship and Christ come in their flesh. They could be speaking with authority and releasing revelation rather than information.
Grounded in law and the knowledge of good and evil we will imagine that information is life. Not at all. Life flows through us when we live in the reality of union with God – when we are sons of our Father in spirit and in truth.
Many Believers have accepted pious impotence as normal. I did. Others remain deceived enough to presume that those with spiritual authority are of the devil. Then again others have rationalized a
doctrine of cessationism, to justify their insipid authority and stagnant institutionalism. They criticise healing on the grounds idolising experience. But they do so to justify their own experience of the absence of God. Others have a very limited authority because they are hindered and separated from its Source by legalism and the law. One with the law we are not one with God. Jesus revealed that authority comes from being sons. Lack of authority comes from being scribes and promoters of religion.
Scribes warn the naïve about the dangers of ‘experience.’ They seem to what them to continue in the experience of a hollow faith and an impotent witness. Well we know where that comes from. People who have been healed and those who have been used by Jesus to heal as I have, don’t need a theology as their support even if this is the norm in the Bible. They simply multiply what Jesus began. In India recently I was in a house church in which two women had been healed of cancer and one man received a new kidney as a result of praying to Jesus for healing. Obviously we can worship a real Jesus or we can bog ourselves in a construct. So what’s the difference between India and the West? Probably desperation for God and faith in a real Jesus.
Thankfully there are Believers who can advance further than planting churches and maintaining institutions. The miracles above occurred in church plants. But not of the kind many of us are used to where God-empty boxes are planted somewhere else as though they are spirit and life. If we claim to represent God, then we should be demonstrating that He is here and with us and doing God Things: Things that only God can do. There are apostolic people who multiply what Jesus did and put flesh and bones on the reality of the incarnation. In Jesus’ power they heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons. From the witness of these people unbelievers can see that God is real.
So, why do few walk in divine authority? God's people lack understanding of what divine authority is, and the position of authority God has given them personally. Recently I read the following but did not write down the source. But here is it anyway.
“Much of the divine authority of the believer has been "surrendered" to a religious system that relegates or abdicates the exercise of divine authority to a few. Often those few who learn to exercise Divine Authority are raised up into positions of leadership. Like Moses, people expect leaders to hear God for them and follow the leader instead of the Lord. Many have freely abdicated their Divine authority to a "church" system, a doctrinal understanding, or leader.
A great many walking in Divine Authority are not equipping others to enter in to their own places of authority. Instead, a co-dependent (mutual need) relationship develops where people find their security and needs met in the leader, and THE LEADER GETS THEIR SENSE OF WORTH FROM PEOPLE NEEDING THEM. In this situation, people become dependant upon leadership for instruction, direction, revelation and "positions" of authority (which is not spiritual in nature, but works of the flesh). Leadership becomes dependant upon people for income, position, worth, and fulfilling their need to be needed.”
Described above is the sad edifice of the Christian Industry. Don’t expect much authority if you have surrendered your union with God to the law, to performance, the shroud of religion or any kind of substitute mediator. Christ’s church consists of those for whom He is life. Not those seeking life in celebrities, other husbands or abstractions and structures. You can live in God because you are already there. Your passport is Jesus and your authority is in your sonship. You are already a son/daughter of God. Live from where you have been placed and be a son and not a slave.