Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


There's a difference between the religious and the spiritual man or woman. It's the Spirit of Christ. The kingdom of heaven is spirit come in us, which means that it is Jesus and nothing else. The kingdom of heaven in you is neither the Bible with Jesus added or the gifts of the Spirit with Jesus added or any human concoction with Jesus added. It is the life of Jesus as your life.


Any talk you give needs to be the expression of Jesus life in you. It needs to come out of your being as living water. 'Living words' are not necessarily a bunch of stories, a few texts, some references to Jesus or a Bible study. Your talk needs to be nurtured form the sap that flows from Jesus into you. This sap originates in the trinity. For your talk to be life-giving you need to be part of Jesus life so that the words you say are the expression of his life. Which is to say they are not words but revelation. Thousands sit under an outflow of theology who could sit under a stream of revelation.

The spirit that comes from us depends on the spirit that is in us. Should we be living from mixture - which is law and spirit we will have given
the Jezebel spirit a place to hide. Baal worship was the opposite of the worship of God. Thus Baal is the mirror image of the spirit who was in Elijah evincing humility, purity of heart and the heart of God for the people.


Baal worshiping Jezebel represents ego, self-sufficiency and carnal wisdom parading itself as spirituality. This is the kind of spirit that continually pits itself against real discernment and the word of the Lord. It is the chief characteristic of religions of the head. We can all be sons of God simply by Choosing God's son above all else. However double mindedness and a conditional loyalty to Jesus can make us a medium of the Jezebel spirit and beholden to cunningly devised fables.


Anything taken from the Bible can only become alive when it starts in the spirit of Christ, continues in Christ and ends in Christ. The Spirit of Christ ignites all things, the Bible included.

'For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive' 1 Cor 15. 22 NIV.


Avoid religion that is the fall revisited. Live from what Father did last. We may believe in Jesus but are not one with Him if we are living from an old covenant mentality. A failure to be one with Jesus leaves us religious, sloppy in discernment and multiplying leaves without fruit - all in the illusion that we are doing well when we are really multiplying iniquity.

Iniquity is a low level form of death that can become acceptable when we lack the humility to examine our beliefs and the ground of our being; when we are too lethargic to examine the possibility that much of what we have believed is a lie and we continue to make do with beliefs that rob us of life and authority. Why? We have made an idol of an extraneous identity. The opposite to idolatry is Christ our life.
Christ all and in all is the Kingdom and your spirit of sonship. The spirit of sonship in you is the opposite to every lie, ever subtle distortion that has the tincture of the fall. You have risen with Christ to reign with Him.