Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


In C S Lewis’s The Last Battle a monkey finds a lion’s clothes and tries to pass himself off as a lion – something like what Mr Trump is doing as a president of the United States. Both Lewis’s story and the present state of affairs in the United States can be seen as a sad parable of bad governance in the church as a local entity and as The Body. We advance Jesus’ cause when we ensure that He has come in our flesh. Never the flesh come in the flesh.

Jesus said.002

The church can be run as a human institution. Some churches would do as well as they are doing at present, even if God was not real for all the effect He has on the nature of their community life. This is because the church of Jesus is not about Christianity as a religion. It is the community of people in whom Jesus expresses Himself. As such, His church is the manifestation of Himself as us. That’s the church Jesus builds without human hands. Local churches are not meant to be a democracy or a dictatorship. Neither are they a theocracy. But they are Jesus incarnated in us. As a community we are able to express the fullness of Jesus. It takes all of us to do it.