Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


God is a person. He is also life. God is I AM. He is love. Because God has drawn all into Himself through His Son we are part of this wholeness and this life. We are not an addition or an addendum to anything. We are part of the Whole - part of the Rock from which we have been hewn.

We came from life – from the womb of the trinity. We have been drawn into greater life by Jesus in particular and at the pleasure of our Father and Holy Spirit.

In view of this we are Beings of Life called to flourish in life to the full. Ensure that you quench all forms of death disguised as life for this is the ploy of the Enemy.

In his book ‘Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity’ Richard Jacobson writes,

‘New Testament believers are not required to give a tenth of
their income (called a tithe) to the church. Tithing was only
mandatory in the Old Testament, not the church. This is why
there isn’t a single command in the New Testament about
tithing to the church. This is also why Peter told Ananias
and Sapphira they were free to do whatever they wanted with
their land and their money in Acts 5:4.’

God does not have bits of you as in the old testament. Not bits of your body, pieces of your time or a fraction of your income. He has all of you and you have all of Him. This is not a horrendous imposition or a gruelling situation. It is our margination in life itself. This is the undoing of the categories of good and evil and replacing them with union with God and a unified life. It means we have oneness with Him and oneness as a person and a community.

The person who gives a tithe is different to the one who is a tithe. And the one who is a Sabbath different to the one who keeps a Sabbath. Similarly the one for whom Christ is life is different to one of the circumcised life. One is a Son and the other gives bits and pieces of his life.

We don’t live in the knowledge of good and evil today. We are in God and He is our life.

When Jesus makes us whole He delivers us from compartmentalised being and doing. In ‘making the two one’ He makes us part of Himself and the creation. It's interesting to hear some speakers talk the Spirit and practise compartmentalisation – as if the Spirit of God and their spirit is subordinate to a temporal grid. This is a symptom of a deep grounding in law-culture. It's normal when we remain tied to the old covenant realm of compartmentalisation and the dividing of creation into sacred and secular, my time and His time. This a function of the epistemology of good and evil – not the reality of we and Father being one and all things being brought together in Christ.

Talking the Spirit and walking the letter is the norm when we attempt to walk the Spirit while rooted in the old covenant. It is a symptom of our never having come to terms with the glory of Father and our participation in oneness with Him. In union with Father we don’t have a message. We are the message. As a son we are the manifestation of our Father and we emit spirit and life. We are life itself. Or we just fill a time slot with talk.