Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Religion has made some people crippled and others mentally ill. Christ your life makes you at home with God and at one with yourself.

In God you are home.

I found this quote (in the pic) on Facebook. It describes the love and hope of a parent. It is also the passion of God for your company and fellowship.


Any sentiment that you have absorbed that is contrary to this ‘One day… feel the weight of adulthood leave them’ in the graphic above did not come from God. It came from the thief, robber and father of lies. You have a real Father and a certain place that you did not earn but which can never be taken from you. You are in God, in His Family, in His Heart and He is in you. You can walk in and sit with Father at any time - on account of Jesus.

Live from where He has placed you and you will be a son/daughter and multiply rivers of life.