Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


I was raised as a fundamentalist. You can't get much more fundamental than a religion where the foundation of everything is the law and the law is claimed to be the obsession of God. Jesus was portrayed as living from the law and upholding the law in teaching and miracles. But the gospels do not record Jesus as either living from the law or supporting the law. They announce The Jesus who is one with Father, who lives from Our Father and most importantly is the Apostle who reveals our Father. It is this Jesus who is now Himself our life.

‘He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant--not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life’ 2 Cor 3.6 NIV.

‘For all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse, as it is written: "Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law.’ Gal 3.10 NIV.

‘I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!’ Gal 2.21 NIV.

We are delivered from the law not only because we cannot keep it but because there is no life in it. Jesus is the new and living way – His eternal life manifest in us by the Spirit. In His light we see light. Don’t expect to interpret the new testament of the Bible in spirit and truth from a ‘law’ hermeneutic.’ The radical nature of Christ our life is seen through the Jesus lens. No matter what spin is a attempted, this light will always subvert and overcome the darkness.


Jesus said to His followers, "To see me is to see God.’ He also declared, ‘I and the Father are one.’ Jesus is the complete revelation of our Father and the living expression of all that is alive and righteous. Rightness and life is personal. It comes from the trinity which is ultra-personal. Rightness and life are never found in abstractions and lists. Life is the expression of ‘being’ and being is a function of persons.


Jesus is the righteousness of God. He is not righteousness as an abstraction. This would make Him less than He is and reduce Him to the letter. Neither does He live to express Moses. He is the source and expression of life. The complete expression of God is and His life is Jesus Christ. As a result we are the righteousness of God not by doing but by being: By being the sons of God. We are such sons through no doing of our own.

Jesus is God manifest to you and to all. Jesus came as life to impart life. My point today is this: To relate to God through the law is to distort God. A law keyhole shrinks God, denies His personhood and does the same to you. People who view God through a law lens cannot know him as he is. They do a disservice to themselves and cripple those unfortunate enough to come under their influence. Father replaced the law with Jesus because He is alive and the law is not. Paul asserted that the letter kills because it does. It creates dead men walking. But in our Father in the spirit of Sonship we are spirit and life.


Some years ago I was leading at a conference and Jesus spoke into my spirit the words, "There are people here who do not know God." They did not know Him because they had been taught that God was a Construct of The Law.
But God is love and love is Jesus. So is grace and freedom along with spirit and life. Spirit and life is a quality of all who are not connected to the law but whose life is Christ.

There is no substitute for personal fellowship with a personal God. This warms the soul and makes us sons instead of law-lackeys and adherents of ideology. You cannot be alive if your ‘father’ is the law and your mother a belief system. Having the Holy Spirit cannot fix this and will possibly make things worse. We are what births us. Either sons of God or sons of Adam.

Religiosity is the debilitating effect of living from religion. "Churchism" is the effect of living from the institution of the church. The Father of Lies will present any religious substitute to counteract the fullness of Christ. Anti-christ wears the clothes of religion.

Not a few place their hope in the church to prop-up their being and produce in them the wholeness they could have had through union with Jesus in the spirit of Sonship. The church made of those for whom Christ is life is very different from the church that is seen as the life-giver. Who would have thought that even the church could pose as a false christ?

Christ’s church is the expression of Himself as us. All for whom Jesus personally is their life are the church He builds. Such people impart spirit and life to deeds and projects. They speak words of spirit and life to each other and the non-believing world. They never seek to absorb life from behaviors and things. Their life comes from the fullness of God in them and with them. In this new covenant age we are privileged to be in God and He in us. There is nothing we have to do to secure this. It is already ours. Step into what you have!

In this age the life of the trinity is ours. They live in us and we have been drawn into them in Christ. ‘They’ are real persons, yet one. Jesus went to the cross and now lives so that we can be one as they are one. Mental health, oneness of being and joyful fellowship with others is the impartation of the trinity within. When we believe in Jesus the Holy Family makes our being their home. God today is never somewhere else, never entwined in some discipline or religious motion. He is in your heart and you are in His. This is not just poetry. It is the reality of your life in the spirit of Sonship.

Prayer has benefits as does talking to your wife and your friends. Communication is the product of community and communion. It’s not an artifice. Not a discipline. It’s the effect of you and Father being one.


I received another 'urging' on prayer from the net recently. Religion will always urge you to do what is already yours as a state of being or make a thing out of what comes naturally in the Spirit of Sonship. If your marriage is whole and your friendship with a mate genuine, you need not talk continually or a lot. There is a flow from the being of each and diverse ways of ‘speaking.’ But you experience and share life together. This is our reality in the age of incarnation. We and Father are one. Such fellowship is not the privilege of the lazy or careless. It comes from a hunger for Jesus and the comfort of our Father’s genuine love and presence. Spirituality is not a spate of doing. It is the outflow of our being in God and He in us.

Similarly the gifts of the Spirit are not separate things in themselves. They have no real utility apart from we and Father being one. They are fruitful when we are rooted in Father. Problematic when we are tied to the law. Dislodged from Him and separated from the spirit of Sonship by a life in the law, the gifts get out of context and distorted in meaning. In any case, God does not have to 'tell' you everything verbally. We are not pious because the Lord told us to sneeze. Just thick.

With Father and in the Spirit of Sonship you will ‘just know things.’ He has come in your flesh and you are part of Him. Knowing Father’s heart; discerning a situation according to what He is seeing is the spirit of Sonship that merges into specific gifts of the Spirit. Gifts of the Spirit and resulting ‘words’ coming from a law-culture are mostly incomplete and unreliable. The gifts of the spirit are significantly fragmented and distorted by old covenant Christianity and its implied ‘separationism.’ In this age - the age of Christ as our life - you will know what He wants us to know as a son/daughter because as a son you are part of Him.

Jesus did not walk around with voices in His head. He 'knew' and 'did' things because He and Father were one. Jesus did what Father was doing because He was one with His Father. He was an extension of Him in the world as a son. This does not make us omnipotent and all knowing. His spirit comes through our humanity. Christ has come in our flesh. So we need to be open and not dogmatic and test what He is saying together in the Spirit of Jesus.


It's difficult to hold a conversation with a concrete thinker who is a 'God told me so person.' A good education, an enquiring mind and intelligence are an advantage in knowing what God is saying. God is not associated with ignorance, although with the Christian support of Donald Trump one may think He is. We are neither whole or holy because we obsess over one evil and conveniently ignore three others on account of our politics. We are not an authorities because we have a Bible. The humble have more discernment that those promoting the self and the open minded more insight than the bigot.

Any variation in your view from ‘the god told me person’ can be made to appear as ‘disagreeing with God..’ which is what some want. It gives credence to ignorance and the despising of wisdom and allows them a sense of control.

‘Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but a fool's provocation is heavier than both’ Prov 27.3 NIV.

Some people use ‘God told me’ it as a means to establish the 'spirituality' they are touting. God agrees with His book and Himself and enjoys the company of the humble. Jesus is gentle, subtle, and given to mystery and paradox. He inspired the book of Proverbs and the writings of John and Paul. There are no books in the Bible written by the ignorant and feeble minded. Jesus is wisdom in person. This is why Jesus taught so much in parables. Parables have a flexibility of meaning that suits grace, truth and the wise. Jesus is not manipulative. He seeds light and life into our consciousness in a manner that gives us liberty to interpret, apply and obey.