Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Today you have what Jesus had. Your life is Jesus. You and Father are one in Jesus. Many Believers live in the illusion of separation from God. Probably just as many live in the illusion that we can achieve union with Him by our own works and the distorted imagining that flows from this mindset. The latter strive to achieve union with God but still it eludes them even though it is their possession. Their possession and their inheritance. For them the idea and the reality are not one because they are in their own mind rather than in the mind of Christ and the accomplishment of our Father and the Spirit. The shadow is unbelief, adherence to the lie and the deceit of the Thief and Robber.

Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow -
T.S Elliot. The Hollow Men.

The union we have with God is real and already achieved. Living in this reality is the Kingdom of God and the difference between the old and new covenant. But many simply do not
get it because they cannot see and are content to live in themselves and Adam instead of Christ in themselves.

‘Some Pharisees who were with him heard him say this and asked, "What? Are we blind too?’ John 9.40 NIV.


Common methods of achieving union and acceptance with God are busyness - particularly church busyness. Others seek union through the mind and intellectualism - a subtle version of the knowledge of good and evil. Others following the pharisees seek it in the law or the Christian equivalent which is the good life. We can deny our God-purchased union with our mind. Ideas are critical because they are our reality. Right ideas are a must if we are to have the ability to see what is - if we are to perceive God’s reality and be children of light rather than of darkness. Do you read your Bible through the Jesus lens or some extraneous lens?

It’s important to have Christ’s gospel rather than our own gospel and Father’s Christ rather than our own constructed Christ. A tell-tale give away is found in the words, ‘
Keeping close to Jesus.’ We have no more ability to keep close to Jesus than in keeping any of the laws of the old testament. A moments thought reveals that this is itself a ‘Christian rule.’ Fortunately we do noT have to do ‘this keeping.’ Jesus is in us and with us. We are never separated from Him by our sins. Yet we can produce the illusion of our separated ourselves by living in a try-harder mindset.

Jesus interpreted through the old testament is not the Christ of God. The old testament and the Bible seen through the Jesus lens is the written word of God. The Living word is Christ in you.

Avoid ‘false Christs.’ Our personal Christ may be a false christ not because we are cultish or heathen but because ‘our Jesus’ is a compilation of all our distorted religious ideas about Him, all the ideas we have accumulated from religion, from those who do not know Him, yet minister in His name and from intimations seeded into our hearts by the Father of Lies.

Lies and false christs are removed by Jesus Himself in combination with Holy Spirit. Such veils are taken away when we commit to being led by Jesus no matter what the consequence and without regard to how this leading may cause us to deny long-held sentimental assumptions, false doctrine and beliefs held dear by our peers. If Christ is your husband expect to go from glory to glory in God’s Truth. If your ideas, your culture and your denomination are your husband you cannot expect this. You will stagger on in fits and starts now having a quick sprint in some aspect of truth but then falling into torpor and a fog of paralysis. Why? Our quest is essentially about us achieving union with God by our own efforts.

Jesus life-giving authority; His overflowing with spirit and life came from His relationship with the Father. They were one. This relationship was everything and still is. Today this union is yours. It is the key to our possession of spirit and life and the root of our ability to competently minister the Kingdom of oneness with God. Today we have the union with God that Jesus has with His Father. We need to live in what is rather than what is not. We need to cast off inhibitors of this union like the law, religion, religious rites, Christian workaholism and all forms of seeking to be godly via the knowledge of good and evil. Our glory is that we share in the life of Jesus and the Father.

‘On that day you will realise that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

We might ask ourselves if our Christ is the Christ of God or a lesser christ. Some walk in darkness and fog, yet anyone who lives in the real Jesus will not be walking darkness but have the light of life. Some Christians live in separation from God because
their jesus is not the Christ of God but a construct of cunningly devised fables. There is merit in being in Father’s Jesus rather than in your own Jesus or a denomination’s Jesus. Because Father’s Jesus is the One who has made us one with Father.