Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


It’s not difficult to live from beliefs when our privilege is to live from a life. This is the conceit of religion. The difference between the knowledge of good and evil and the difference between the old covenant and the new is the difference between life and death.

Jesus said, “I am has sent me.” He was who He was and did what He was born to do. He did only what His Father was doing. Never one who filled an opportunity with a tid-bit of religion or a scrap of philosophical wisdom, He released spirit and life into every engagement. This Jesus lives in you to empower you to do the same - to be yourself and impart God’s life. This is a reality because you and our Father are one.

You are sons and daughters of God. So don’t make yourself a goose and a follower of man. Be aware of the presence of Jesus in men and women who are apostolic teachers. Their freshness and life is a witness to Jesus in them - not to themselves. Any apostolic teacher will freely admit this. The acme of success is not a large church filled with masses of religious consumers. Success is the multiplication of Jesus in people as imparters of healing, freedom, life and the reality of our Father. Success is Christ multiplied in in places of dullness, darkness and hopelessness.


Jesus will mentor you in the things of Kingdom life and grow you fully into your identity and purpose. He will use life experiences and many resources to do this. But
don’t marry yourself to celebrity authors, speakers and churches. You are called to live in dependency on Jesus - not on man. Don’t be a Christian consumer. You calling and privilege is to eat the bread of life yourself.

The tragedy of the purveyors of death is that they do not know they are not alive.

You have one husband who is Christ, one husband to be in union with and one husband with whom you, bare sons and daughters of God and projects of new creation life. Don’t be a clone of another. Be who you are in the scheme of the new creation - a living stone in His House.