Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Spiritual discernment is primarily the ability to discern what is flesh and what is spirit, what is religion and what is the Kingdom of Heaven, what is just activity and what is spirit and life. Discernment is the result of our union with God; of us and Father being one. This is why discernment is never associated with religion, since religion is anything like the law and performance that forms a layer of separation between ourselves and God. Basically discernment is seeing what God sees because we are one with Him.

To discern spirit and life and its absence and substitutes we need to be living in the spirit of sonship. This is by definition and reality to be rooted in Father and one with Jesus and Holy Spirit. It is ‘we and father are one’ in spirit and in truth.

None of this is a feat of religious exertion. But it is living in the truth that sets us free - free from anything that dims God, our vision of Him and that dulls ourselves. Christ is your life whether we understand this or not. Whether you live in this reality depends on your embracing and stepping into the reality of Christ and His new covenant provision which is no more and no less than the you in the trinity and the trinity in you.

We can live in shadows and never experience the reality because we have never made the effort to attune our beliefs with what God believes about Himself and has obtained for you. This is the reality that Christ Himself is your life; the reality that the fullness of God lives in you.

The fullness of God in us is a possibility but not a reality for many. Not possessed because in old covenant mode people can be straining to possess what they already own. Notably Jesus is both grace and truth - not just one or the other. His grace is the opportunity to grow into the new covenant truth of Jesus
as our life rather than the means to our life and our righteousness. But this is not life as an abstraction. It is life in living fellowship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

There is no life and no righteousness separate from Christ. Neither is there any light. But we are joined to light, life and righteousness in Jesus. In Him we are life and light.

Every Believer today lives in the potential of union with God. Those who do release streams of spirit and life. But not every Christian experiences this reality. Not because it is not there but because they remain in the old covenant/Adamic division/separation between ourselves and God. There is no two-roomed temple today because there is only one room - God Himself and you have been placed in His presence.

You can live in God. Then again you can live in the institutionalised effort to live in God that is called ‘religion.’

The question, ‘What would Jesus do?’ is not relevant today because there is no line between us doing and Jesus doing. We and God are one. He ‘does’ in us and we can intuitively ‘know and do’ what He is doing.

‘He has made the two one’ applies to our union with God. Where there was alienation, now we are one with God. There is no dualism in this age, no dichotomy between God’s presence and our presence. We have been drawn into God. He lives in us and His life is our life. Paul describes this as union with God by
the One Sprit.

‘But the person who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with him’ 1 Cor 6.17 NIV.

There is a union with God that is a state of being that brings a deeper level of knowing than the gifts like words of knowledge. It enables us to ‘know a situation’ without one word being said. It equates with ‘He knew in His Spirit.’

‘Immediately Jesus knew in his spirit that this was what they were thinking in their hearts, and he said to them, "Why are you thinking these things?’ Mark 2.8 NIV.

Such ‘knowing’ is the result of we and Father being one and affords the deepest kind of discernment. It is not identical to words of knowledge, because many who speak them do not have it - discernment that is. This oneness that is ours enables us to share Father’s heart and be privy to His way. Because we are one with Father we see what he sees. This is the soil from which words of knowledge and prophecy grow. But they are not identical with it. It may sound as if I am splitting straws. Not necessarily. Many who speak prophetic words and words of knowledge do not have spiritual discernment. But they often think they do. Apart from the accurate piece of the puzzle they have been given, act very much as blind men who are unaware of the context and the overall spiritual reality of the situation.

Participating in God’s Fatherhood is the basis of spiritual discernment. Of those who are profoundly lacking in this facility, the cause is to be found in an old covenant mindset and attachment to the law. This separates our spirit from the union with the person of God and leaves us joined to lifeless abstraction. It is not that this union is not ours. It is that our beliefs have defined us out it. Those with the lowest level of spiritual discernment are those attached to the law and those who are engaged in building up their self-worth through religious and secular effort. Hearing but not hearing and seeing but not seeing they stifle their own progress as sons and impede the advance of the new creation whose engine is entirely the spirit and life of heaven in our being.

These Believers can be continually side-tracked into some worthy activity that absorbs their attention. The success of their venture is taken to mean that
They are following His leading. What results is more akin to an overflow of grace given in order to provide more opportunity to walk in His light rather than in their own flickering candle. This assumed leading is not always ‘His leading.’ The ploy of the Enemy is to obscure the elephant in the room - so that the misdirected captivity in a law and old covenant bubble is not addressed. Until they see the light, they remain separated from God in their spirit. What began brightly becomes dormant and what started with a bang winds down to a whimper.

‘I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see’ Rev 3.18 NIV.