Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


There are folks who are alive in spirit and life and folks who just are. Jesus offers us life to the full and this is what we have when our Jesus is His Jesus and not some ‘other jesus.’ When we have I AM and have relinquished our Jesus for the Jesus of Father and Holy Spirit.

The coming of Holy Spirit is always the sunrise of the revelation of Jesus as He is. Always this involves the rolling away of clouds of religious myth and deformed views of God promoted by the father of lies. If we are willing to be led by the Spirit we will be sons in spirit and in truth. If not we can expect to be sons notionally and sons of the slave woman actually. Yet all have an inheritance in the Spirit of Sonship that can lead from glory to glory.

Many people have God’s forgiveness but there are many who do not have life - not in the sense of the spirit and life that is the opposite to flesh and the overflow of union with God. Many are they who love Jesus but do not enjoy union with God. Not because they do not have it but because their minds remain in the old covenant of separation from God.

The life that is ours in God is God Himself. It is not knowledge, not a moral draft-board of good and evil and not mission activity. It is pure and undiluted life that is life itself - the inheritance that is ours when we live in God and when God lives in us. We are graced in this age - gifted with something we did not earn - with the trinity at large in our being.


C Baxter Kruger writes of C. S. Lewis telling of his brother’s garden. ‘Warren’s play garden was not much more than a biscuit tin filled with leaves
and sticks and moss, nothing extraordinary. And remembering it, while standing by that bush, was nothing extraordinary. But somehow, in the
mix of the moment, something extraordinary did happen. A feeling that Lewis had never known swept through his heart. It was a sensation of the profoundest sort, more of an encounter, and it left him breathless and longing.’

‘Breathless and longing.’ Lewis had glimpsed spirit and life.

Lewis called this ‘joy’ but he may just as well have called it life. This is the kind of life that we call eternal life. The infinite life that is the life of God in spirit and in truth. This life never fades, does not become dormant and never ends in stagnation. This life’s light itself. It drives out darkness, undoes death, dullness, ‘droning on’ and religion attempting to pass itself off as life. It is the presence of Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit. This is not Christ’s stuff because it is not religion. It is not a moral program, a taxonomy of Holy Spirit and His gifts, not bits and pieces of religion offered up to fill a time slot or good advice with a dob of Jesus. It is the personal life of the trinity manifesting through you as a daughter or a son.

There are Believers who never experience this. And Believers who never will because they will not leave the religious husk that formed them. While not exactly in the great darkness they labour in the great dullness, insulated from Father and from their real selves. They are held captive in law, belief-system and letter; bound immunised from His real presence by these coverings and barriers preventing union. They can often be graced to minister in various ways yet in themselves are a body of death and dead folks walking because they remain yoked to something Father left behind for something better - life in His Son and His Son in us.

There is a real difference between our Jesus and the real one. We cannot see the real Jesus until our Jesus has died at the cross and we have embraced our Jesus of the resurrection and the life. The real Jesus is known to Holy Spirit and Father. Only the Son knows Father and only Father knows the son. Holy Spirit knows both. They live in us with the aim of revealing themselves to us as they are. As a result we become who we are - creatures not of our own invention but sons reborn in Jesus.

Jesus - as son of man and son of God - has united human life, the life of God and heaven and the cloud of witnesses in Himself. When Christ is our life we participate in this. We are one with this community of ultra-life. We, Father and life are one. No separation here. We are one in God and He in us.

The relationship between Father and Jesus is the relationship that is now ours. But more than this, it is the relationship that is the source of our spirit and life. We are not only in encounter with them. We are interleaved in their being through Jesus and Holy Spirit. Sheathed in law, religion or anything else not Jesus we do not access this life and are not possessed of this spirit and life. So close yet still in separation.

‘After saying this, he spit on the ground, made some mud with the saliva, and put it on the man's eyes’ John 9.6 NIV.


Is a great error to attempt to gain this union - the union we already have - through the law, works or any entity that is not Jesus Himself. These things are not righteousness or life. Those who do this smother their linkage with God, dull themselves and surround their ministry with a very real atmosphere of death - not that they know it. They cannot see. The relationship between us and Jesus, Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the core and the agency of our new creation life - the life that Paul describes in Romans eight. This is the life that undoes all torpor, blasted hopes and spiritual blindness. Our glory is that we share in the life of Jesus and our Father.

Eternal life is not tick the boxes. It’s His life as ours.

The blind man could see when the mud of the Son the Son of Man was placed in his eyes. He removes all veils and misconceptions and enables us to see Himself and ourselves the right way up and in right relationship to Himself, our Father and the Spirit. Above all else He enables us to see and know His person and His life.