Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


With the election of a new president it is time to consider the difference between wisdom and foolishness. It is clear that the world is looking for a Messiah but that those chosen can only deliver broken dreams and faded hope. We must sleep in the bed we have made for ourselves when we ‘will not have this man Jesus to rule over us.’ If Jesus is the new creation in person and the undoing of chaos and decay - and He is - we should be asking ourselves as Believers what there is about our present state that is the opposite of the sovereignty of Jesus multiplied as His Kingdom in the world. If Christ is not our life incarnationally then we should be asking ourselves what is and repenting of it.

In the book of Acts we read that assistants to the preachers of the word were appointed on the basis that they were full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit. Two of the deacons appointed, Steven and Phillip were well versed in scripture and their application. Both were powerful towards God. Wisdom is related to intelligence and humility. The accurate application of scripture is linked to the ability to comprehend what one is reading or seeing. Intelligence and wisdom enable us to interpret situations and what people are saying with accuracy. Humility leaves us open to leave bad ideas behind and accept good ones. Mental acuity gives us the ability to be aware, to join the join the dots and see things as they are rather than as they might appear.

If we are astute in the spiritual we will be astute in the natural because Christ is our lens and our life. If extraneous features are our life our wisdom will be dulled. I use the word ‘extraneous’ to mean the living out of our life with Jesus added. Here Jesus is a fixture and an addition to our preoccupations rather than the fabric of who we are.

The rationale for ‘me with Jesus added’ can be an old covenant mindset where one lives towards one’s own preoccupations for six days allowing one for God. Or we live mainly for ourselves and give God a tenth. Or give Him a piece of our anatomy yet live mostly to ourselves. Christ our life means
Christ our life. This is both simple and all encompassing. It is not bits and pieces. It is all embracing and as such is the Kingdom of God as compared to the kingdoms of this world.

Jesus instructed that the early church leadership be composed of those full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit. Stephen who died as a martyr for telling the truth was filled with the Spirit of wisdom and revelation.

'But they could not stand up against the wisdom the Spirit gave him as he spoke' Acts 6.10 NIV.

The scripture above implies that if we speak because we can it will make it easy for people to ignore us. The Kingdom of God and the anointing are not an excuse for the dullest and least informed to express long held but erroneous views. If we are wise and filled with the Spirit we will encourage the wise and discerning and uphold those who embody these qualities. The anointing does not replace our brain. It furnishes us with the mind of Christ.

'I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better' Eph 1.17 NIV.

It is obvious that those Christians who are thanking God for a Trump victory are not possessed of this kind of wisdom and revelation. Thanking God for this outcome has more in common with folly than an appreciation of providence. There is no way that the new president is a spiritual man. Rather he is a sad example of the living-out of capitalism under the principles of Babylon and Egypt. If ever there was an example of the spirit of Baal this is it.

We do well to take our leading from the informed and wise and not from the ignorant and self-confident. Or from the lowly yet deficient in intelligence and perception. There are people who are apostolic because they are sons of our Father. Apostles reveal the knowledge of God and His Kingdom. Alive and rooted in Father personally through Jesus they reveal the truth of God and assist all who will listen to develop wisdom and discernment.

Avoid those who are actuated by the need to feel important or do anything to get noticed. Give a wide birth to those addicted to conspiracy theories or the view that they have equipped themselves with special knowledge not available to others.

Steer clear of those who attach like a magnet to the latest flakiness. The wise person shares what comes from the Lord. The un-wise say anything that comes into their head and think it comes from God. Some of the worst of these are the ‘god told me’ guys who blend ignorance with attempted piety.

No matter what kind of church we are part of, genuine leadership resides in the wise and Spirit-filled and not the ignorant or those who speak because they can. If those who oppose God cannot resist the Spirit of wisdom and revelation by which His servants speak, those who seek after God will be drawn to those in whom this wisdom and Spirit flourishes.

Holy Spirit reveals the meaning of scripture and its application to our life situation. We will not hear God well if we are not informed by the scriptures or lack the ability to perceive what they are saying. Don’t claim to be led by the Spirit of Wisdom if you are illiterate in scripture. On the other hand, only read the Bible through the Jesus lens. Without this lens you can make the Bible say anything you like and some do.

Intelligence is an advantage. Not a burden. Ignorance is not excused by the Holy Spirit. Avoid those who give inept advice in the name of God. If there is some pseudo-spiritual enterprise, some time consuming deviation from wisdom and productive effort, something led by the flesh and the thinking of man, there are those who will be right there in it. But not because they are wise and filled with the Holy Spirit. Because they are wise in their own eyes.

If we are scripturally illiterate we will not know if we are are hearing God, hearing ourselves or hearing a deceiving spirit. The wisdom of God is seen when we position ourselves in the domain of authority Jesus has given us - not in some position we have assumed ourselves. When Christ is our life we will be where He has positioned us and we will be privy to His spirit and wisdom and revelation.

Solomon wrote, 'Like tying a stone in a sling is the giving of honor to a fool and that the earth quakes when a slave becomes king' Prov 26.8, 30.22 NIV.