Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Jesus is the Door to relevance. The law is the door to religion. With Jesus as our life we are one with our Father and our Father in Heaven is in us. Religion is well-meant and sincere. But it is a blunt instrument. In Jesus we are sons. In religion we are workers. The old covenant captures us in religion. The new covent situates us in our Father as sons. Here we operate in the spirit of sonship. In religion we work with the best of intentions doing what seems good at the time. In the new covenant we and Father are one and we do only what Father is doing.

Kingdom ministry is not a case of being clever or astute. It is manifestation of our union with God.

The gifts of the Spirit are not a replacement for our new covenant life in our Father and cannot be maintained without it. ‘The anointing’ will not join itself to a law-culture. The gifts and spirit and life will quickly fade or never emerge into fullness if we are not aligned with what God has done for us in Jesus - namely made we and Father one.

Spirit and life flow from the persons of the trinity. Never from the impersonal abstractions of law and religion.

Jesus had the anointing because He was one with His Father. Not because the anointing was a thing in itself.

Spirit and life and the gifts are a function of union with God and the Spirit of Sonship that results. Here flow rivers of living water. In the old covenant mindset we can manage a few droplets by grace and sometimes a river that flows for a time before drying up. Every river needs a source.

Putting this another way we are the branches of spirit-life and Kingdom when the vine is Jesus and not some version of the law and religion. The vine is never the law, old covenant or some addition to the gospel. The vine is Christ Himself - and then the Christ of God and not a lesser christ that is the product of anti-christ spirit. Jesus is the vine who roots us in the trinity and the infinite life of God.

Jesus was always relevant - exquisitely so. He was not only excellent in timing but filled with spirit and life every time. Grace affords the opportunity to leave behind what is irrelevant and ineffectual and advance into perfect relevance and absolute fruitfulness.

In religion we will cling to what is familiar even thought it is irrelevant. When Christ is our life we are one with life, fruitfulness and in tune with our Father and His macro and micro planing for the advance of new creation life. More importantly we can see. We can distinguish between what is dead and what is alive and what is Kingdom and what it earnest effort without understanding or anointing. Should we remain in the old covenant it can be truly said of us that the dead know not anything.
In Jesus is life and that life if the light of all.