Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Hello people. I am here! You may have noticed a lack of posts over the last two weeks. I have been in India with colleagues ministering with Indian pastors in Rajahmundry, Chennai and Kanal.

Our message was what it always is in these posts –Christ our life, Christ in us, Christ expressed through each Believer, the family, the work place and the church the manifestation of Jesus Christ in the world – in other words Jesus as the new creation manifest as His people or the new creation manifesting in the people of God, take your pick.

The testimonies of the ordinary people were very exciting. Four women testified that their doctors had declared their cancers gone. They pray diseases away! One man declared that his doctor said, ‘Where you had a diseased kidney, now you have a new one.’ One man had an accident off his motorbike and the bone was protruding from his arm. By morning the protruding bone had retracted to its proper place and the flesh had healed.

Small house churches have been planted by sons of God pastors who are sons in spirit and in truth. Here the emphasis is on not on the planting of a house church. What is planted is a new outpost of Jesus who manifests Himself in the people who are the church He has made. There is a vast difference between church plants of the Christian Industry and planting Jesus. The former makes more church. The harvest of the latter is sons and daughters of God. We do better when we live in the reality instead of the shadow.

The miracles, however were not the highlight of my trip. On Saturday Night we had a healing service. My interpreter was a young woman of about 17 years. We had first met her in 2009 as a small girl desperate and passionate for Jesus. Desperate because she was an orphan and passionate because Jesus was her real hope. After praying over the ailments of several people I asked her, ‘What would you like prayer for?’ She replied, ‘Pray that I will increasingly know our Father all the days of my life, that I will enjoy His intimacy, fellowship and guidance; that I will increasingly know and enjoy Jesus.’ She could not have known that this is what I live for, what we live for in our family and what we minister. Why? Because this is to minister life itself. The big bonus is that this life is a person – in fact three persons who make their home in us and not because we have earned it. But because this is where they want to be!