Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Jesus instructed us never to begin a venture without the Holy Spirit. While Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost and has never gone away, possessing an attitude of courtesy and honour insists that we ask Him to grace us with His presence. Holy Spirit is a distinct member of the God-head. He is the difference - when present in us - between making an honest but ordinary effort with often mediocre effects and the presence of spirit and life coming from our being to penetrate ignorance, unbelief and all forms of death. Someone has aptly called Holy Spirit the Executive office of the Trinity.

‘On one occasion, while he was eating with them, he gave them this command: "Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about’ Acts 1.4 NIV.

Anything that is not Christ is not alive. Holy Spirit mediates the presence of Jesus and ensures that we are not orphans but sons/daughters in spirit and in truth. Holy Spirit not only conveys the miraculous power of heaven. He seeds into our being the actual presence of our Father and His Son. To live in the Spirit is a great advantage because it means that we are always hosting the powerful presence of God and we are always personally alive with eternal, infinite life. Jesus referred to this power when He used words such as, ‘He sensed that power had gone out of Him. ’ If ministering in the Spirit you will often sense this spirit and life within you. But not always. Holy Spirit flows His presence through you because you are you and He is Himself. He does not alway shave to be ‘felt’ to be with us and in us. There can be manifestations but there does not have to be. This is one of the meanings of walking by faith and not by sight. In many cases you are the manifestation of God’s presence as a son.

A great quencher of Holy Spirit is living from the law and a performance outlook. The placement of ourselves in old covenant thinking dulls the presence of spirit and life because the spirit of sonship is stymied by a barrier that is essentially us and our perceived need to earn what we already possess. The living out of Christ our life joins us to God. It means we are ROOTED IN GOD - rooted in His person and not pout bound in rules and abstractions. You are rooted in life to the full.

Holy Spirit delights to be with us. He is real and always associated with ‘power from on high, ’ meaning the authority and power of heaven among us. This penetrating presence of God is more noticeable among those who invite Him than among those who ignore Him or choose to dispense with Him. The difference between the Spirit-filled Believer and Believers who operate from Bible knowledge alone is the difference between a form of godliness without power and the Kingdom of God of the kind where Jesus had authority - but not as the scribes. Sincerity is not a substitute for ignorance or the power of the Spirit. The essence of new testament Christian life is Christ our life. This is the incarnation and it means multiplying who Christ is because He is in us and manifesting His person through us. To be in the Spirit is to be in the life of God; to be in the trinity and to host them in ourselves; not only to have the grace that Christ in us brings but to possess the mind of Christ and gifts of perception, insight, prophecy and healing power.

In olden times the presence of the Spirit was indicated by a halo. As a child I saw this as quaint and pious. Little did I know that this symbolised the robust authority and power of God among us. The picture that accompanies this post is of people enjoying themselves at a party. I have photoshopped the picture, as I often do with a light-leak to indicate the presence of God in this normal, so called ‘secular’ situation. But there is no secular/sacred dichotomy in life since the cross. The presence of God is where you are and you are the manifestation of His presence and life - as yourself!

Today the two have been made one. Jesus is bringing all things, the entire creation into Himself. When we are in Christ as in ‘in His person’ and living in the reality of the new covenant, which means we have left behind shadows to ‘live Christ’ the Reality, we bring His real presence among ourselves. A mostly subtle witness to God pervades a setting. I say mostly subtle because sometime you can sense Holy Spirit in normal conversation around the dinner table or in a car while travelling. This can happen when a real encounter with an active and powerful Jesus is mentioned casually in conversation. In such circumstances I have sense Holy Spirit fill a car and seen Him manifest when people testify to the power of God in their lives. People who are Spirit-conscious and Spirit-filled because they know and cultivate Holy Spirits friendship become agents of His presence.

The Kingdom advances quickly with new creation life because a present Jesus is light and life. But the root of all this is that we and Father are one.