Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Where is your faith? To what is it tied? Do a Google search on ‘Bible Church’ and you will find hundreds of listings. This may be a good thing. On the other hand it may illustrate how many of God’s people live in the letter rather then the Spirit and person of Jesus.

Some years ago I was reading my Bible and the Lord suggested the solution to the dilemma of the denominations. I have worked with non-believing teachers in schools over the years and they are not impressed by the multitudes of denominations and sects that all take the name of Christ. Neither should we be. We may take courage in the fact that among the more Godly Believers, the spirit of grace acknowledges the integrity of those who follow Jesus across the denominations - unless they are sect or cult that undoes Christ and his achievements. The reason for the chaos of the denominations is, as the Lord was suggesting, that so many relate to the Bible and some ‘position’ in it, rather than to the person of His Son.

‘For if, while we were God's enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!’ Rom 5.10 NIV.

The very existence and purpose of Jesus is your unalterable reconciliation - your union with Father and Holy Spirit. He is the manifest purpose of Father and lives in you by the Spirit.

There are those who rightly discern the word of truth. These may be Biblical scholars and theologians or just ordinary people whose life is Christ ,who are led by the Spirit of Christ. From these people emerges a God who is so radically gracious that it is hard for many to believe. They would rather take comfort in the ‘try-harder religion’ to which they are accustomed and from which they falsely imagine they have earned something and gained some status. But they have not. There is nothing we can offer to make ourselves in the slightest way acceptable to God. Our reception into the family of God comes entirely from the combined efforts of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In Christ we have been reconciled to God. Because we are incapable of accomplishing union with God, God reached out in His Son and drew us into fellowship with Himself.

The fact of God’s accomplishment - the fruit of His reaching out to His estranged daughters and sons is that He comes to live in those who trust Jesus. He is close to all but He lives by His Spirit in Believers. Similarly in Christ we are in God and thus in the Holy Family called the trinity. God is in us in the hurly burly of our chores on earth and we are in Christ in Heaven Central. Religion insinuates the God is somewhere else and that there is distance between ourselves and God and that we must do something to undo this alienation. But God has undone it. You belong and always will.

Now back to my theme of Bible church.

Firstly, none need be Biblically illiterate. Secondly we need to read portions of it in alignment with the way it has been written. Read an account such as Luke’s in its entirety so that you get the meaning. Don’t read bits and pieces. It’s not magic. The word of wisdom and revelation is in the theme of the book. Thirdly, don’t proof text. It’s lazy and distorts the real meaning. Read an epistle as the letter it was and discover what the author was saying. Fourth we are not holy on account of much reading. We find peace, wholeness and revelation because Christ has come in our being. Fifthly we have not done well because we have delivered a discourse punctuated by supporting texts. We have excelled when we have spoken the truth and imparted spirit and life.

Having said this I need to declare that in the new testament age the primary source of Knowing God, what He has done for us and how we can relate to Him is Christ Himself. Not only is He the One Mediator but He is the Interpreter of the written word. It is with Christ in us and with us that we are enabled to rightly divide the word of truth. But more to the point, it is Christ in us who enables us to interpret our life, find meaning in everyday events and actually learn about God from the variety of our experiences.

While spirit and life is not found in sectarian positions and doctrinal stances it is found in union with God. Any church, ministry of denomination not living in new covenant truth is at a severe disadvantage. Why? Because the new covenant means that we are in Christ and so in God; that Jesus is entirely our life and that the new covenant reveals who Father is and who we are today as a result of what they - the trinity accomplished for us in Christ. We don’t get any points for a theology that diverges from this because if we do so diverge we are outside the river of life.

Participating in the spirit of wisdom and revelation is the advantage of fellowship with a personal Jesus over a ‘generalised-god-religion.’ We can do better than deism. God lives in us.
There are public figures in politics, some who talk of ‘their faith.’ Seldom have I heard any of them mention a personal Jesus. Are they too embarrassed? Or is it that they do not know that our comfort, security and eternal life does not depend on faith in faith but on a personal Jesus.

If you are a follower of Jesus; if He is personally your life all that is good will dwell in you and eternal life will flow through you. When Christ is our life, heaven is our life and the life of heaven flows through you into your everyday life. This is the new creation alive and spreading through you.

You are not an orphan. Jesus did not leave a Bible in lieu of Himself. He sent Himself and arrived via Holy Spirit at Pentecost and has never gone away. In Jesus you are always at home in Father, no matter what the circumstances. You need not persuade yourself or drum up faith or call Him to account with a promise box. He is in you and with you - always.