Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Jesus instructed that they should choose deacons, practical people of God who were full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit. There is no substitute for both. Some Christians have droplets of Holy Spirit anointing but lack wisdom. They rush about chaotically like a chicken without a head on its way to being a roast. Wisdom comes from the Spirit of Christ and from humility that gives us the grace to observe and listen. It helps to be intelligent, to educate ourselves in common living and the Bible. Christians who claim to be Spirit-led yet freely admit they read little of the Bible are scatterbrained and a menace to themselves and any member of the Body unfortunate enough to come into their orbit. There is no substitute for a sound mind, sound thinking and being informed. Even more important is right belief.

It is disappointing to find people living in theological delusion as if it is the truth. Even more disappointing when those who could know better take a degree of pride in a perspective that is non-biblical and fundamentally non-Christian in the sense that their unsound doctrine is a denial of the gospel of the Kingdom and the teaching of the apostles. In Christ we have the freedom to live Him out according to our individually and calling. We have no right to assume doctrine of our own that reverses the accomplishment of God in Christ, vitiates the at-0ne-ment, replaces the law of the spirit of life with the law of Moses and touts the knowledge of good and evil as a revelation of present truth. Unless we take steps to live in Christ’s light we lack the ability to differentiate between a lie and a life.

Religion is not a sphere in which it does not matter what nonsense you believe. Since we are dealing with God, our salvation, our temporal well-being and eternal life it is important that we are aligned with the truth. Grace is not for leaving us ignorant. It is the door to receiving a continuing revelation of the truth about Father and ourselves.

Today in my reading I came across this quote: “Light creates nothing new. It illuminates what already exists. It helps you see the complete you.” The complete you is seen in context with the truth about God, the success of Jesus in rejoining us to Father in intimacy and eternal union as well as the bonus of our restoration to the fullness of sonship in spirit and in truth. I say in spirit and in truth because many Christians are only notional sons. They live in religion rather than union. They live minus the truth of the incarnated God in their person. Many minister by serving up bit of religious information and personal insights whose source is not the spirit of sonship but the flesh of old covenant religion.

Long ago David wrote, ‘In His light we see light.’ Paul quotes some philosophical wisdom that originated in God. ‘In Him we live and have our being.’ We are vitiated, blinded and dwarfed into a shadow of our real selves when we are attempting to live in the law, religion or some performance regime designed to secure acceptance with God. Bolting Holy Spirit onto law and old covenant will not help. Only in Jesus are these veils of delusion removed. We are already accepted, one with God and part of Him - forever.