Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


In the last post I wrote about travelling in Economy when we have tickets for first class. I want to unravel this concept further today. Like me you can probably think of some old songs such as, ‘There’s Power in The Blood’ and ‘Nothing but The Blood of Jesus.’ The power is in the blood because it is shorthand for Jesus’ death. So it’s not just blood as a thing. This is about Jesus who died for us, rose again and lives for us. More to the point Jesus lives in us by the Spirit and enfolds us in Father in the Spirit of Sonship.

His blood, not our sweat, is the bottom line and His Spirit in us is the top line.

None of us had to try to sin. This is what we are and have done since we were babes. We were born sinners because Adam is our Father. We had no choice in this. It was what it was and is what it is. But not quite. You can choose your father. ‘Since by man came death’ - through Adam. Since by man in Jesus Christ came resurrection and the new life of the new creation. Just as we did not choose to be the sinning sons of Adam, so we had no choice in being gifted the sinless life of Jesus Christ as our own. Now Jesus’ life is our life through no choice or effort of our own but by fiat and grace of God.

But back to our songs. There is power in the blood of Jesus, but only because His death is the hallway to His resurrection. This is to say that Jesus’ death and resurrection is the door to our death in Adam and our new life in Jesus as sons who triumph over sin and death. In actual fact, for the Believer, the real power is in the risen Jesus who is very much alive and living by the Spirit in us - not only Jesus but Father and Holy Spirit are in residence in our human body.

So we are not only forgiven and the sentence of death undone and changed to everlasting life. We are inhabited, incarnated and surrounded with God in His fullness and trinitarian life. We are delivered from the futility of the knowledge of good and evil and the strictures of laws on stone into personal and collective union with God where Christ’s life is our life. This trinitarian life imbues our spirit, soul and body. This is the cause of the anointing - not the result.

Now Christ and God in fullness has come in our flesh and more. In Christ as a human being we have entered the holy of holies and are in the presence of our Father in perpetuity. Your place in Father’s Company depends not on your performance, your ups and downs or even your recurrent bouts of rebellion and alternating faithfulness. Your union with God is entirely dependent on what Jesus has accomplished and you are included in the Family of God forever. Not only this but they live in you!

Our union with God is a fact. The state of this union is the Spirit of Sonship. The result of this union is the infilling of Holy Spirit, His fellowship and His gifts. This is why life in the Spirit will never be nourished in the law. In the law we remain separated in our minds from the union He has achieved, living as sons of the slave woman. There are those who live fitfully in in the Spirit because they remain in the old covenant.


I have been reading an
excellent book on the grace of God. We do well to get a grip on grace because it is the substance of the Kingdom of God. The new covenant is grace applied and they are two sides of the same coin. Grace is much more than ‘acquittal.’ It’s far more than. ‘ I know you are hopeless at being righteous but I have made amends for you anyway.’ Grace and the new covenant are both Christ our life. This is Christ as our forgiveness and Christ as the manifestation of Himself in our being by the Spirit.

What the new covenant is not, is Jesus helping Believers keep the law, do good deeds and avoid bad moves. The law is not an it. It is a Him with a name - the law of the Spirit of life. The new covenant is a life in God and God in you. The reality of new covenant, grace and life in the Spirit, is Christ your life. It is Christ come in your flesh and Christ manifesting Himself through you.

Since the bottom line is that it is not your righteousness but His that counts, the corollary is that it’s His life transfusing your being with Himself that makes you sons and daughters of God. With an old covenant mindset we can be sons notionally but not in in spirit and truth. In the new covenant where Christ is our life we are sons in spirit and in truth.

Jesus is the Son of God and Son of Man and He is what it means for us to be sons. He is the Son and He imparts the Spirit of Sonship.

To see Jesus is to see ourselves. To know Jesus is to know who you are. Jesus is our real nature and Jesus is who is we are becoming as we progress in our life journey of growing into the fullness of Christ.


Now to the main point of the post. You can live in who you actually are or you can live as a shadow of your real-Christ-self. Here your will shuffle along in disillusionment or worse - a false sense of fruitfulness because you have a ministry or mission or something like that. In Jesus we are one with our Father and we are truly sons of God. If we are living with an old covenant mindset, we have not embraced this union and are not sons in spirit and in truth because we still live in a self-imposed separation from our Father. Unfortunately the mind creates its own reality which is why we proclaim the liberty of the gospel and urge all to have the mind of Christ so that they live in their inheritance rather than capering around the edges of it. There are many lovely people who are but shadows of the sons they really are. How many know that because of grace we can heal the sick, yet remain hobbled in spirit because we are bound in the old covenant?

A wounded eagle had been saved when it was small and nurtured back to health and fitness. It spent much of its youth with the lesser birds in the chicken pen. The time came in adult life for the eagle to spread its wings and ascend into the heavens. But alas. The eagle, socialized or more accurately brainwashed into being a chook (chicken) would not fly. Of noble lineage it had a chicken’s outlook and actually believed it was a chicken. This is a picture of the Believer living in law and old covenant or in a mixture of both. Such a Believer is a son but never really becomes one in this life. His being is shriveled and the Kingdom is thwarted. Holy Spirit is little help to us if we are not living in the Spirit of Sonship. But the Spirit without limit is ours when we are fully one with Father and alive as sons. Now we really are the sons of God in spirit and in truth and live as harbingers of the new creation.