Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Years ago Dr Gordon Moyes stated something on radio I have never forgotten. What I did not know then was that He was expressing the essence of the new covenant. He said, “Christianity is not a religion. It is a person.”

The truth of this has never been received by much of the church. For many being a ‘good Christian’ means living out of the things Christians believe or are meant to do. This is the Christianized version of the knowledge of good and evil but it is not the Kingdom Jesus began. This Kingdom is Christ manifest as you and then as the new creation. His Kingdom is the multiplication of Himself in you and I and all who take the name of Jesus. The difference between Christ our life and Christ as religion is the difference between the old and the new covenant - the difference between a life in Adam and a life in Jesus.

So when our life in God is lumped with Islam as ‘people of the book’ a fundamental mistake has been made. We are not persons of the book. But we are people of the Christ. We are not people who are following the values and teaching of Jesus. By His Spirit we are the expression of His life. Christ incarnate in us. Jesus manifest as you. It’s not your work. It is His by the Spirit of Sonship manifesting as you.

This is the difference between living in religion and having life express itself (Himself) through you.

We state that the Kingdom of God is not a religion because its founder lives in us by His Spirit to express His life through us. He is incarnated in our being - a mystery of the Spirit - and He expresses His nature through our soul and body. This is the mystery planned from before the beginning of time and put into effect following Pentecost. It is the essence and core of this’s age’s Kingdom life - Christ in you.

The genius of this is that you never have to be a religious clone of someone else. You are not even a copy of the man who was Jesus of Nazareth. But you are the unique manifestation of His Spirit and the Spirit of our Father. You are your name. This manifestation of the Spirit of God is you. Put your name here. I …………. ……………. am a son/daughter of God. I am a unique expression of the person of Jesus and I multiply His life by being myself.

To acknowledge that Jesus is the Christ is to be acknowledged by Father as a unique son/daughter of God. This is why Jesus said, ‘And you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church.’ The church consists of Peter being Peter and you being true to your real identity as a son. In Christ you are not a shadow of yourself. You are your genuine, authentic self. If the reality is Christ and it is, then you are the reality of yourself when Christ is your life. This is why you must not live in the shadows or religion and the shades of the real as in the law or other pious substitutes for reality. The reality is Christ and you are real and authorized to exercise the authority of a daughter or a son in Jesus.