Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


What will you say today? We have the potential to say exactly what the Lord wants us to say in the moment and the season. As sons and daughters steeped in His Spirit we can be doing what Father is doing because He is our life. The Lord usually has us teach a message commensurate with where we are in Him. Thus what we say is the expression of Him through us. This is the mode of speaking in spirit and in truth.

Also impinging on our teaching is what He wants His people to know in the moment and in the season. I gave found this to be less about what is happening next in a prophetic sense and more about who we are as humans in Him in a ‘son/daughter’ sense. This along with encouragement and facilitation into who we really in our identity and calling.

If we are alive and active in the spirit of sonship the contents of Father’s heart will be realised through us without fuss and bother. This is where the flow of the Spirit starts. In new covenant reality we are one with our Father in the same way as Jesus and His Father are one. Christ our life is not just about Jesus. The ‘our life’ part means our life as participants in the fellowship and plans of the trinity.

But we are not just doers of plans. We are unique expressions of Jesus. What we do is based on the glory of who we are - a son/daughter of God and a manifestation of Jesus. We sell ourselves short if we restrict ourselves to sin consciousness and gift management.

‘Activating our prophetic gifts’ will be thin and fleeting unless we are grounded in Father as sons. The anointing of Holy Sprit without limit happens when we have embraced the fact that we and Father are one. But we are not one if we are living in the law or jumping through hoops to get to the next level or practising a ‘try harder gospel.’ We are one when Christ is our life. This is not a feat of spiritual effort. It simply means saying to Jesus ‘I received all that you are to me.’

You will be at peace and enfolded in God when you agree with God that Christ is your life. We don’t have to harp on about what ‘God told us’ if we are continually in His Spirit. We will be expressing Him intuitively. It will be obvious to others that we are filled with wisdom and the Holy Spirit. A tree is known by its fruit.

God is insistent that we know Him as He is and that we live in what He has done. The macro of this is alignment with His new covenant, what it means for us, for the church and the Kingdom. There is nothing more important than who Father, Son and Holy Spirit are as themselves and who they are in relation to you and those who believe. God is interested in the expansion of the knowledge of Himself, His grace. He is active in counteracting the substitutes for Himself and the anti-fullness attitudes inherent in law and religion. This is the continuation of the work of making crooked paths straight so that the new and living way of the Lord can be enjoyed to in rivers rather than in droplets.

‘Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent’ John 17.3 NIV.

Attached to law or anything not Jesus, is it probable that we will never be a source of wisdom and revelation - earnest religious homilies yes, but not spirit and life. The latter is never a property of old covenant living because in this state we and Father are not one - not one in spirit, even if we have been made one in a reality that we have never embraced.

There is much about Jesus’ conflict with the pharisees and teachers of the law in the new testament for a reason. Human beings are addicted to law and institutionalism. Religion is our default position. I have heard people attempt to justify this and no doubt they do, to themselves. However they are never sharp in the Spirit and always sincere but plodding in effect and quite unaware that spirit and life is not a quality of their teaching.

Adding Holy Spirit and the anointing to law and old covenant is putting patches on an old garment. It’s not going to work. Living the old covenant we may advocate the Spirit and live in the letter. This is why we must aggressively grasp Christ our life with discipline and determination. Either we are committed to life to the full or we are satisfied with accommodating ourselves to degrees of death.

The Kingdom is Christ manifest. The gospel of the Kingdom is you as the manifest presence of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The result is life to the full.

This is the meaning of Christ your life and His Kingdom come. It is Jesus manifest as you. This is why we are so dulled when we attempt to live out of His stuff instead of
being Him to the people where we are. This is the basis of the outflow of spirit and life, rivers of living water and the guarantee of an anointing that is seen in a flow of spirit and life through you as it was with Jesus. We are no longer in the law, in religion and in programs. We will be less than we are by defining ourselves as the effect of programs and artefacts of the letter. We are always more than ourselves as the sons of God.

We ourselves are the manifestation of the Spirit of Christ in the moment and the season. Life is not an essay, a speech or a taxonomy. Life is the sons of God.

Francois Du Toit writes,

‘Much of popular Christian doctrine reduces the life and teaching of Jesus to yet another ‘display-window’ message, while the very intent of God was to uncover the blueprint life of our design in Christ as in a mirror, where he is introduced to us not as Christ in history, or Christ in outer space, nor even as Christ in a future event, but as Christ in you! This alone completes your every expectation! Colossians 1:27’.