Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


This is our first post for 2017. I hope you had an excellent Christmas and fun-filled new year and holiday season. New year is a good time to live in all that is on offer. No need to get anything second or third hand in the new covenant age of Christ your life. He is in you and with you by His Spirit always. Don’t live in shadows. The reality is Christ. You can be the expression of Him because that’s what He lives for.

Should we live in the soporific of religion we are likely to be existing in the anaesthesia of the local church. I say existing because there is an undiluted life that is yours when you are living in Him as a person. I realise it is sacrilegious to speak off-handedly of a religious icon. If you are a pastor it is your privilege to ensure that that those whose attend your church know that Christ and not the institution and programs of your church is their life. Do this and your church will catch fire. There is no entitlement attached to the institution of the church. Neither Jesus or you owe it anything. The church is in fact all those for whom Christ is life either if we meet in a room of don’t meet much at all. There is nothing innately sacred about the church. It is no more sacred than the Bible and what applies to the Bible applies to the church. It testifies of Jesus - sometimes. It would testify all the time if Christ were our life and the church was the expression of Christ as us.

The church is not an abstract institutional entity. Not the one Jesus builds without human hands. There is a church that is His and the church that is an effervescence of ourselves. One is full of spirit and life. The other is simply there taking up space. Religion has assumed the notion that it is legitimate if it is useless and nonsensical. Not so the Kingdom of God’s sons. As the manifestation of Jesus we are the expression of the trinity in the world. Where the church is weak it is because of false mediators - mediators who are not Christ our life.

Christ is our life. This is the truth that separates the old covenant from the new and the age of the law from the age of the Spirit. If we are living religiously and institutionally we are still in the law even if we imagine we are not bound and suffocated by legalism. We may be suffocated by Christian Stuff however. Some unfortunately are suffocated by the church and their lives have never really been touched in any significant way by Jesus. This can easily change. Just ask Him.

There is a way to be free, whole, holy and life multiplying. It is simply Christ our life. This is not a formula but a Him. This is why we celebrate the Lord’s Table. This is less about the cross and entirely about His life as ours - not by the letter but in the Spirit. Bleating about the cross may seem pious but its not the main deal. It paved the way for Christ in you. This is the mighty reality of the New Testament age.

So who is His church? His church is the community of those who have received Jesus as their life and whose life is lived through them. The church is Jesus manifest as His people. This is not some religio-spiritual gymnastic. It a the result of simple belief and uncomplicated peace - the effect of inviting Jesus to live and manifest Himself through us. In a mundane, yet radical sense, we all are the manifest presence of Jesus. His church is the manifestation of Himself as His people. Nothing could be more simple and nothing could be more powerful. So powerful in fact that this is the new creation happening in the world.