Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Recently I wrote about eagles who live in the mindset of chickens, who scratch about in the fowl house when heaven is their realm and the heights are their domain. This is the difference between sons of the slave woman and son of the free woman; the sons of our Father and the workers of obligation and religion. The Spirit of Sons originates in our Father and His Son - never in generalised ‘goodness’ or doing Jesus’ stuff.

If the tragedy of the church is to have masses of Believers living as chickens when their real identity is eagles then a worse conceit is to imagine we are eagles when we are merely chickens of the flesh inhabiting ornate chicken runs living off the scattered grains of some celebrity speaker or some earnest young man bearing a new configuration of the church. It’s not some new and effective version of the church people need. It’s a new covenant relation of sonship with our Father and the reality of the Spirit of Sonship as us that makes us real harbingers of the Kingdom.
Christ - and not some religious perturbation - is our life!

The essence of the Kingdom is spirit and life - not busyness, a large congregation or even helping the poor. None of our efforts are life-giving in Kingdom terms that are not the spontaneous effect of union with God. We are one with God when the person of Jesus is in us and with us and we are intimate with Him - not because we are churched, have a position, a passion or a career to further.

Kingdom spirit and life starts with the incarnation of Christ in you and flows as the expression of Christ as you. The Spirit and life of heaven flows from the trinitarian God; from where our life began and from where it was re-created and established by the planing of God, now realised in Jesus.

We can live from the flesh and accomplish no more for the Kingdom through good works than the atheist, agnostic or rebel. A kind act is just a kind act unless it is joined to the spirit and life that flows from Father and Jesus into our being and out to ignite the world with heaven. Live in the Spirit of Sonship and you will create sons of God who multiply heaven on earth. Live in religion and the flesh and you will multiply religion, inhibit the new creation and multiply workers instead of sons of God. We are here to create eagles - not develop more novel poultry runs.