Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


There’s a reason why David and John had more of God than others. They wanted more of Him. Some Believers, the religious ones, are offended whenever it is intimated that there are those who are more hungry for God than they. The word ‘judgmental’ is used to fend off suggestions that there are levels of spirituality more acute and depths in God more available than the routines to which they have accommodated themselves. While Jesus is a life religion can be the means of keeping God out of much of what we want to consider as ‘our life.’ So is it our life with Jesus added or His life with us glorified and empowered as His Sons?

A friend and I often have this discussion. I argue that a significant number of Christians resist life and having more of God. My friend asserts that that they all want more of God. They just don't know how to experience Him.

There may be truth in each position. What I do know us that human beings crucified life when He came among them. I also know that many Believers are happy to accommodate themselves to maintaining the functioning of their church and perpetuating their institution on the corner. But they have little of a personal Jesus and none of the authority of Jesus.

They accept as their cuddle-bunny what Paul calls a form of Godliness without power. Some just perpetuate their institution. Others show kindness to others through works of charity - in the hope that non-Believers may see their generosity and perhaps reason that there is a God. Well, best of luck with that! Atheists and agnostics can be kind too.

So why not demonstrate that God is real by doing something that could only happen if God did it. Like healing the sick and raising the dead? I have been in India for two weeks. At one small house church we visited one person had been raised from the dead, four women had been cured completely of the cancer that once threatened them with death, so their doctors certified, and one man received a completely new kidney in place of a diseased one, as verified by His doctor.

So what about initiating something that could only occur if God is real and operating through you? Like healing the sick or casting out a demon. Also on this India trip my friend and colleague prayed gently for a demon to depart the life of a woman we met in a house church in a Delhi slum. After prayer he asked, ‘How do you feel?’ She said, ‘I am free.’

Many erroneously think miracles of this kind were only for the initial stages of the Kingdom. To the contrary this is the Kingdom. There is not one scripture that endorses
cessationism. All of us are here to multiply what Jesus began. There is a reason why miracles and signs faded. By 200 AD the presence of the Spirit of Jesus had been exchanged for institutionalised Christianity.

Cessationism was not taught as a doctrine at the theological college I attended. But its tenets were assumed. Sure, people were anointed and prayed for when grave illness occurred with the emphasis on grave. Anointing in our church came to be the kiss of death, administered at deaths door and carried out by those without authority and lacking any real expectation of success. Authority is never big when tied to the law. Authority is accorded to sons who live in Father in spirit and in truth. Authority to heal grows not from separationism taught as truth but out of our union with God.

This union is a fact accomplished by Jesus for all and our inheritance as the sons and daughters of God. Those who eat Jesus live because of Him. So how do we eat Jesus? We agree with what He has already done and live from where He has placed us – in the Holy Trinity. We agree that in Jesus we and our Father are one. We embrace the truth that Christ has come in our flesh and that the trinity have taken up residence in our lives. We simply say to Jesus, ‘Come and be my life.’ Now we are not only in fellowship with Jesus. He expresses Himself through us and we increasingly do only what Father is doing. We also multiply what Jesus began. Which is to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons. Then we and those who do not yet believe will know that our God is real.

‘Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give’ Matt 10.8 NIV.