Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


As a boy I read the Mandrake comics in The Daily Telegraph. Along with Lothar, Mandrake the Magician had come across the hazard of the ‘Living Deads.’ They got about in a kind of torpor and coma not quite alive and not quite dead. Unlike zombies who always appear rotting and more dead than alive the ‘Living Dead’ were what I had imagined was meant by a large graffiti sign I had seen on the brickwork of a railway bridge near Ashfield in Sydney. The large letters said, ‘I’d Rather be Alive than Un-dead.’

‘To the angel of the church in Sardis write: These are the words of him who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead’ Rev 3.1 NIV. This scripture is not talking about breathing. It’s about being spirit and life.

The source of religion is the law and the source of the law is the knowledge of good and evil. Religion claims to be alive yet it comes under the heading of being undead rather than alive. A religious person always finds a rational reason for stifling life. Religion stifles life whether we are aware of it or not.

Religion lives from abstractions about God but never in God Himself. Sure, it may position itself near God and claim to be with God but it lives in separation. You will never get close to someone who lives in law and religion. Such a person is not close to themselves because they are insulated from our Father. If you are not living in the Spirit, as in Christ your life, don’t expect to possess either the spirit of God or the soul of humanity. Such an ability to commune comes to us through immersion in the trinity - in the ultimate womb of relationship and communion.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. You will experience union with each other when you live in the union that is yours and which you already possess.

We are separate in the old covenant. One with God in the new. Religion positions us in separation and ironically presents itself as the means to achieving the union with God we already have. If ever there was an example of humbug this is it. Yet a life in God is already ours. Christ our life is the trinity in us and us in the trinity. As C Baxter Kruger says, ‘The heart of everything is our life in the trinity.’

This is where we came from. This is where all spirit and life comes from. It is where redemption came from. It is where the incarnation comes from. And this ‘where’ is not somewhere else. The trinity lives in us and this life of God becomes us and through us invades and ignite the new creation with His glory that is our glory!

In Patmos, another book by the same author, C Baxter Kruger states a sad fact. Much religious effort is seen in the attempt to secure the security with God that is already ours and the union with God that is our inheritance through the following methods. By the law, by the law and religion, by knowledge, by the institution of the church and along with that, the institution of praise and worship. Genuine worship is the state of us and Father being one. It is a state of being. There is no doubt that praising Jesus denies our flesh and liberates our spirit. But it the praising of His presence that is already in us and among us that makes us sensitive to the reality that is already your possession: Christ in you.

A dear pentecostal man once urged that I receive the gift of tongues. Never mind that Pentecost was about the outpouring of Christ and the making of we and Father one in spirit and in truth, this man lived pretty much without hope and with little authority. People who know the Spirit and His gifts can remain confused and un-alive. Not because they are not loved by Jesus or because they do not love Jesus but because they continue to live in the mindset of the old covenant and the separation of the law. They need to live in the reality of I and my Father are one.

We are either in the law or in Christ. In the old covenant or the new. In God or in religion. In Adam and Moses or in Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit. We are competent to minister spirit and life or incompetent to minister the Kingdom of God. All of this is why we can take a Bible study that is inert and without spirit, preach a sermon that is theologically accurate but dead in the water and flourish in the gifts that eventually fade.

I have seen people familiar with the Spirit and the gifts minister, surrounded by an atmosphere of death as real as a black cloud. I have witnessed people who are aware that Holy Spirit has departed from a situation and seen that there are those, aligned and in union with the law in the same building who are unaware that He has left the building. Union with Father affords life and light. Separation blurs spiritual eyesight and fosters inertia. In the Torch and the Sword Rick Joyner describes a scene in the vision where Christians sit motionless, paralysed and blind from feeding on the law. You have a torch that is the trinity in you. You have a sword that is the living word spoken by you in union with the Living Word. Now you speak with authority and not as the scribes and teachers of the law.